Introducing RadioRA 3

Lutron raises the bar once again. 10 years in the making, RadioRA 3 is a new, game-changing system that promises to transform the way your residential clients look at lighting control.

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  • Can I get my Pico paddle remote to dim?
  • Can the firmware update be done in pro mode?
  • Can the Pico paddle remote be used to control scenes?
  • Can you set the light on the Pico paddle remote as a night light?
  • Do I need a Caséta smart hub to use a Pico paddle remote?
  • Does the Pico paddle remote work with other Pico accessories such as the Pico pedestal and the Car Visor Clip?
  • How can I get specification assistance?
  • How can I tell if the firmware of my Diva smart dimmers needs to be updated?
  • How do I change the battery on Pico paddle remote?
  • How does the new processor work with RadioRA 3?
  • I just paired a Pico Paddle Remote to a previously installed Diva Digital Dimmer and when I press the paddle remote the light goes to full on rather than the slider level. What should I do?
  • If my Pico paddle remote is added to a Caséta smart lighting control system with a smart hub and the smart hub loses power, will my Pico paddle remote still work?
  • What do I need to know about Power over Ethernet and the new system processor?
  • What happens if the Pico paddle remote is paired with a Diva smart diva and an Original Caséta dimmer?
  • What happens if the Pico paddle remote is paired with multiple Diva smart dimmers?
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