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The Pico Remote and its use in the Caseta System

This article details the various models of Pico remotes within the Caséta system and some commonly used applications for them.


This article is expected to take 5 minutes to complete.

Knowledge Article Contents:

Before You Begin

1: Pico Remote Models

2: Where to use a Pico remote

3: Do I need a Smart Hub?

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Before You Begin

Pico remotes add additional points of wireless control to a Caséta switch, dimmer, fan control, or shade. All Pico remotes have a 10-year typical battery life and use a replaceable CR2032 battery.

If you are ready to install your Pico remote, review this installation video for assistance. 

Pico Remote Models

Pico Remote Models PJ2 -2B 2 Button, -P2B Paddle, -3BRL 3 Button Raise/Lower, -4B Button

Pico remotes come in multiple varieties for convenient control of your Caséta devices. Pictured from left to right in the image above are the following Pico remote controls:

  • PJ2-2B-GWH-L01 – 2 Button: For on/off control of Caséta switches and dimmers.
  • PJ2-P2B-GWH-L01 – Paddle 2 Button: On/off control of Caséta devices.
    • When paired to a DVRF-6L running the latest firmware this Pico supports the following commands:
      • Single tap On: Lights turn on to the Smart Diva’s preset slider level.
      • Double tap On: Lights turned on to full brightness (100%).
      • Single tap Off: Lights turn off.
  • PJ2-3BRL-GWH-L01 – 3 Button (Raise/Lower): Supports on/off, raise/lower, and “favorite” preset light level when paired with a Caséta dimmer. On/off only when paired with a Caséta switch.  
  • PJ2-4B-GWH-P01 – 4 Button: Activates scenes that program to buttons on the Scene Pico Remote which control Caséta switches, dimmers, fan controls, and shading solution via the Lutron app and Caséta Smart Hub.

Click here for the Pico Wireless Control specification sheet.


Other frequently used Pico remotes include the Fan Pico, Audio Pico, and Shades Pico:

Pico Remote Models F01 Fan Pico, A01 Audio Pico, S01 Shades Pico

Displayed in the image above from left to right are the following Pico remotes:

  • PJ2-3BRL-GWH-F01 – Pairs to the PD-FSQN Caséta Fan Control for fan speed control.
    • This Pico remote is the only one that can control the PD-FSQN Caséta Fan Speed Control.
  • PJ2-3BRL-GWH-A01 – Play/pause, next track/previous track, raise/lower volume, and access a favorite station when paired to a Sonos speaker in the Lutron app.
    • The Pico remote for audio only works when a Sonos speaker is integrated with the Lutron app and the remote is added as a device.
  • PJ2-3BRL-GWH-S01 – Pairs to Lutron wireless shades for open/close, raise/lower, and favorite level control.


Pico scene remotes are an easy way to control lighting, shading, or audio zones. This can be useful when watching a movie, entertaining guests, or preparing a meal.

Pico Scene Remote Models L31, P01, L21 for Lighting, Shading, Audio Zone Control

Pictured from left to right in the image above are the following Picos:

  • PJ2-4B-GWH-L31 – Four programmable buttons for zone lighting control.
    • Default programming from top to bottom is 100%, 66%, 33%, and 0% light level. This Pico scene remote does not program through the Lutron app.
  • PJ2-4B-GWH-P01 – Customizable button programming via the Lutron app (smart hub required).
    • Additional models available: PJ2-4B-GWH-P02 / PJ2-4B-GWH-P03
    • When paired standalone (not in the app) this remote will function like the PJ2-4B-GWH-L31.
  • PJ2-4B-GWH-L21 – 2 groups of independent on/off control. Functions both in standalone use and with the Lutron app.

Click here for the Pico Scene Keypad specification sheet. 

In standalone use, all devices paired to a Pico scene remote will respond to any individual button press from the remote (excluding the L21). A device cannot ignore a button press from a 4B Pico scene remote unless all devices (including the remote) are programmed into the Lutron app.

Note: The L31 Pico scene remote does not program through the Lutron app. Any button pressed from this device will send a command to adjust all devices it is paired with.

A Pico remote can be programmed to any number of wireless blinds, curtains or Caséta lighting controls that are within the 30 ft range of the Pico. One Caséta lighting control can be programmed to a maximum of 10 Pico remotes.

Where to use a Pico remote

A white wall mounted light switchDescription automatically generated

The Pico remote is commonly used in 3-way or 4-way applications where an additional point of control is needed. Instead of running additional wire, pair a Pico remote to an installed Caséta switch or dimmer, mount the Pico to the wallbox using the adapter and control the lights from both locations. Pictured above are the components of the PJ2-WALL-WH-L01 kit.


 Pico Remote Mounting Options: Wallbox Adapter, Pedestall, Car Clip, Mounting Kit 

Pico remotes can be mounted to a wallbox adapter or pedestal, clipped to a visor, or affixed to locations other than a traditional wallbox using the Pico’s included adhesive or optional mounting kit. From left to right in the picture above are the:

  • PICO-WBX-ADAPT – For mounting a Pico remote into a traditional wallbox or to drywall.
  • L-PED1-WH – A tabletop pedestal which the Pico remote docks into.
    • Also available in 2 and 3 Pico remote docking configurations.
  • PICO-CAR-CLIP – A car visor clip that the Pico remote docks into.
  • PICO-SM-KIT – For mounting a Pico remote to a non-smooth surface.

Do I need a smart hub?

Although it is not required for functionality between a Pico remote and a Caséta device, adding the Caséta Smart Hub to your system unlocks additional programming options for Pico scene remotes P01/P02/P03 and EL2/ES2.

Once programmed into the Lutron app, the individual buttons on these Pico scene remotes can be edited in the app (see below). Additionally, the Lutron app allows you to choose which devices are and are not affected by the Pico scene remote’s button presses. Simply uncheck a device to ensure it is not part of that scene's programming. 

 How to edit the individual buttons on these Pico scene remotes in the app. 


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