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The Pico Remote and its use in the Caseta System

A Pico remote gives you control of your smart dimmers or switches wherever you want – no wires required. It is a wireless remote powered by a lithium CR2032 battery rated for 10 years at an average of 10 presses daily. 

PICO Models / Options

The most common Pico remote model numbers are the dimmable model PJ2-3BRL-GWH-L01 mostly used with Caseta dimmers and the standard on and off PJ2-2B-GWH-L01 which is typically used with Caseta On/Off switches.

General Uses and features for the Pico Remote

  • Used on the other end of a 3-way application or Multi location applications where there is one Caseta dimmer and the other locations within the circuit are Pico remotes. This allows dimming at all locations and flexibility in the placement of where the other switch point can be placed in the home.
  • Allows user to place the remote where they want it and not to be limited to where the wired dimmer/switch is located in the home.
  • Can be used as a master On and Off device for quick control of whole system.
  • 10 year battery life under normal use which is 10 triggers a day (one CR2032 battery included).
The Pico remote is the perfect remote for smart lighting.  Check out this brief VIDEO to learn more

Rules for using the Pico Remote in the System

  • You can pair up to 10 Pico remotes to one dimmer/switch. 
  • The Pico remote will control everything it is paired to at one time. Meaning if it is paired to 5 devices and you press "On" then all five devices will turn on.
  • Pico must be placed within 60 feet line of sight of devices or the hub and within 30 feet through walls and ceilings of devices or the hub.
  • Pico remotes count as a device towards the 75 device limit for the hub systems.

Pairing the Pico remote:

There are two different ways to pair a Pico remote with a Caseta device.  If you have a Caseta Smart Hub and are planning to use the Lutron App to control your Caseta system via a smart device, we recommend pairing your pico remotes via the Lutron App.  Otherwise, you can pair the remote manually by proceeding to Section (2) Stand Alone Pairing. 


Section (1):  Pairing the Pico remote using the Lutron App

Pairing the Pico remote via the Lutron app is easy.  Here are the steps to pair Pico remotes via the Lutron App:

  1. Make sure that all of the dimmers/switches you wish to pair to the Pico remote are already added to the App.
    • To add devices to the app by going to Settings>Add Device>Select device option> press and hold "Off" button on device for 10 seconds or until the screen changes on the app.
  1. Add the Pico remote to the app by going to Settings>Add Device>Select the Pico Remote>Press and hold "Off" button on the remote for 10 seconds or until the screen on the app changes prompting you to place the device in a room and name it. If Pico remote is placed in the same room as the dimmer within the app, it will pair automatically. If placed in a separate room, you may need to tap on the Pico remote added from the "Device menu", then select "Edit Device", then "Devices" and simply check off the devices you want the Pico to control and select "Save".
  1. The Pico remote can be paired to more then one dimmer/switch in the app. You can always edit the Pico remote after paired to the app to accommodate this type of programming. To do so tap on the Pico remote as displayed in the "Device" area of the app, then select "Edit Device", then "Devices" and simply check off the devices you want the Pico to control and select "Save". Keep in mind that if the Pico remote is paired to multiple devices it will control them all at once with no way to separate control individually. 
Proceed to Section (3) to learn how to set the favorite level on your Pico Remote with a Favorite Button

Section (2):  Stand Alone pairing of the Pico remote  

Please see the steps below to pair a Pico remote to a dimmer in a stand alone application without the Lutron App.  

NOTE:  You cannot manually pair a PICO remote to a dimmer or switch that has already been added to the Lutron App.  You must pair the Pico via the Lutron App following the instructions in Section (1) if this is the case.
  1. Press and hold the "Off" button on the dimmer/switch

Press and hold the "Off" button on the dimmer/switch you wish to pair the Pico remote to for 6 seconds until the green indicator lights on the unit begin to flash, then release. This will place the device in pairing mode.
  1. Press and hold the "Off" button on the Pico Remote

Then press and hold the "Off" button on the Pico Remote until you see the lighting load that the dimmer/switch controls flash three times. The flashing of the lighting load three times indicates that the dimmer and Pico remote are paired and you can release the "Off" button on the Pico remote at this time. You should now be able to control the lights using the Pico remote now.


Here is a link to a brief VIDEO on pairing the PICO remote manually without the Lutron App


Section (3):  Setting the favorite level on the PJ2-3BRL Pico

You can use the round "favorite" button on the Pico remote control to recall a favorite level.  We've set it to 50%, but you can change it to any level you like.
  1. Set the desired light level on the dimmer

  1. Press and hold "favorite" button on remote


Here is a brief VIDEO on setting up the favorite button on your Pico Remote


Section (4):  Pico Remote Mounting Options



Section (5):  Un-pairing a Pico that was manually paired

In the event that you have incorrectly paired a Pico remote OR if you would like to change the controls that a Pico remote is paired with, please follow these instructions:

  1. Quickly tap the OFF button on the Pico wireless control 3 times and continue to hold it for 6 seconds after the third tap.
  2. Once the indicator LED comes on solid, quickly tap the OFF button 3 times.  Note:  DO NOT continue to hold the OFF button after the third tap.
  3. To test that the Pico wireless control has been successfully removed from the system, press the ON button and verify that the Pico wireless control no longer controls the load.
If the Pico was paired using the app, you must utilize the Lutron App in order to complete the un-pairing process.

NOTE:  This will remove all dimmers / switches with which it was previously paired

Section (6):  Replacing the Pico Battery (CR2032)

  1. Place a flathead screwdriver into the slot at the bottom of the Pico wireless control.  Twist to open.  DO NOT press buttons without back enclosure on.
  2. Slide the battery out, toward the top of the Pico wireless control.
  3. Slide a new battery underneath the contact strap, with the (-) terminal toward the front of the Pico wireless control.
  4. Replace the back enclosure
  5. Confirm proper installation by turning the receiving device ON and OFF using the Pico wireless control.