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  • Can I control a dimmer with more than one Pico remote?
  • Can I control more than one dimmer with a Pico remote?
  • Can I control more than one dimmer/switch with a Pico remote(s)
  • Can I control more than one lamp with a plug-in dimmer?
  • Can I control multiple strings of lights with Caséta Wireless?
  • Can I control my Caséta Wireless dimmers with my smartphone?
  • Can I control my lights individually?
  • Can I replace any light switch or dimmer with a Caséta Wireless dimmer?
  • How can I extend my Lutron Caseta range?
  • In which countries can I buy and use Caséta Wireless?
  • Is the in-wall dimmer difficult to install?
  • What colors are available for Caséta Wireless products?
  • What is Caséta Wireless?
  • What is the warranty on Caséta Wireless products?
  • What technology does Caséta Wireless use?
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