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Caséta Wireless Troubleshooting Caseta integrations worked and now...

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Caseta integrations worked and now don't

Choose the integration below that was working previously but now isn’t:

If you are experiencing issues setting up a new integration, please read the Can not set up a new Caséta integration article.

The links below will direct you to resources for commonly experienced issues with third-party integrations in Caséta:

Works with Apple® HomeKit logo                    Works with Amazon Alexa Logo                Works with Google Home badge

            Apple HomeKit                             Amazon Alexa                               Google Home

If your integration is not listed, please contact Lutron Technical Support using the information at the bottom of this page.


Certain third-party integrations will stop functioning if the Caséta Smart Hub does not have an active internet connection. Review the Reestablish connection to your Caséta/RA2 Select System article to troubleshoot your smart hub's network connection. 

If you recently replaced your Caséta Smart Hub, you must set up your third-party integrations with the new hub. Check out the following articles for help setting up integrations:


If you have made any recent account changes (like updating your email address) to your Lutron account or your third-party accounts (iCloud, Gmail, Amazon, etc.), you may have to unlink and set up the integration again.