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Adding a Device to the Lutron App

Adding a Device to the Lutron App 

Before adding a Caséta switch or dimmer to the Lutron app, the Caséta Smart Hub must first be set up. This requires downloading the Lutron app on your smartphone or tablet, creating a free account, and connecting the smart hub to a LAN port on your router. The hub does not connect to Wi-Fi.

If you have difficulty setting up the smart hub, review the Smart Hub Setup and Install article on the Caséta Support Site for troubleshooting steps.  


Follow the steps below to add a new device to the Lutron App:

  1. Tap  in the top left-hand corner of the home screen.


  1. Select Add Device from the settings menu and choose the type of device you are adding from the list. Scroll down to display more options. While in Add Device mode, all previously added Caséta devices will blink.

For example, if you are adding a Diva Smart Dimmer tap “In-Wall Dimmer, Switch, and Fan Control”.


  1. Tap the image of the device you are adding at the bottom of the screen.

Swipe right for more devices.


  1. Press and hold  (OFF) or (CLOSE) for 10 seconds until the indicator lights on the device you are adding start blinking quickly.
Click here to view what button to press for pairing a Caséta device



  1. Choose the room where this light is located from the list on the screen. Scroll down to reveal more room names.

If the app does not advance to the Room screen after 30 seconds, factory reset the device. If the issue persists, move the smart hub within 30 feet of the device you are adding.


  1. Choose the type of lights the dimmer or switch is controlling from the list.


  1. Choose Add another device and repeat the steps in this article to add additional devices to your system.


When you are done adding devices, select I am done adding devices. The smart hub will finish programming your system. This may take a few minutes to complete.