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Caséta Wireless Troubleshooting Activation programming issues with a...

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Activation programming issues with a Caseta dimmer, switch, or shade to the Lutron app.

This article addresses some of the common reasons why a user cannot program a Caséta/RA2 Select device to the Lutron app and provides potential workarounds to resolve them.


This article is expected to take 10 minutes to complete.

Knowledge Article Contents:

  1. Before You Begin

  2. Confirm the device is supported

  3. Verify RF signal range

  4. Factory reset the device

  5. Connect the device to the correct hub

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Before You Begin

If the indicator lights of your switch or dimmer do not light up, or it does not respond to button presses, confirm it is wired properly by reviewing the wiring diagrams, installation videos, or step-by-step instructions found at the Lutron Wiring Wizard.

If you have confirmed the Caséta switch or dimmer is wired correctly, make sure you are meeting the device’s minimum load requirements by reviewing pages 4 and 5 of the Caséta Load Controls specification submittal. 

Confirm the Device is Supported

Follow the steps below if you see a “Device Not Supported” message in the Lutron app:

  1. Confirm the device you are adding to the app is the correct one for your system:
    • Caséta dimmers, switches, and sensors can only be programmed to a Caséta Smart Hub (L-BDG2-WH), or a Caséta Smart Hub Pro (​L-BDGPRO2-WH).
    • RA2 Select devices can only be programmed to a RA2 Select Main Repeater (RR-SEL-REP2).
    • Pico remotes can be programmed to either system.
    • Serena shades can only be programmed to a Caséta system. They are compatible with either Caséta Smart Hub (L-BDG2-WH) or Caséta Smart Hub Pro (​L-BDGPRO2-WH) models.
    • Triathlon, Sivoia QS, Palladiom Wire-Free and Palladiom Wireless shades can be programmed to either system. They are compatible with the Caséta Smart Hub Pro (L-BDGPRO2) and the RA2 Select Main Repeater (RR-SEL-REP2). They are not compatible with the standard Caséta Smart Hub (L-BDG2).
  2. Check to see if there are any updates available for the Lutron App from your mobile device’s app store. If there are, download them to your device.
  3. Power cycle your Smart Hub or Main Repeater. This should force it to check for a firmware update.
    • The light ring around the Smart Hub or Main Repeater will begin to circle (or carousel) around the hub if an update is being installed.
    • It may take up to 5 minutes for a firmware upgrade to begin.
    • Once the update completes, the Smart Hub or Main Repeater will turn off, then power back on again.
    • Note: If the Smart Hub or Main Repeater is not running the latest firmware, newer devices may not be recognized or supported.
  4. If pairing a dimmer, ensure the dimmer controls the light normally before pairing it to the app.
    • If the dimmer cannot dim the light properly, or does not control the light, we'd want to ensure that's resolved before activating to the system
    • If the lights are LEDs, we recommend checking these articles regarding common compatibility issues:
    • We also recommend verifying your light is compatible via our Lutron LED Finder Tool


Verify RF Signal Range

If your device’s indicator lights are blinking quickly (see Image 2.1) but the Lutron app does not advance to the “Room” screen (see image below), it is possible that the device is out of range of your smart hub or main repeater. Follow the steps below to remedy this issue:

Lutron App Activation Process 

  1. Confirm that the device you are adding is within RF range of the hub. If it is greater than 30 feet away (through walls or floors) move the hub so it is within range of the device you are adding.

Lutron PRO Tip: One Caséta Wireless Repeater (PD-REP-WH) and/or one Plug-in Lamp Dimmer (PD-3PCL-WH) can be added to a Caséta system to extend the RF signal.

  1. Add the device again in the Lutron app once the hub has been relocated, or a repeater or range extender has been added to the system.

If you are still unable to add the device, factory reset the dimmer, switch, or shade by following the steps below.

Factory Reset the Device

If your device has entered pairing mode (see image below), or has been paired to another device previously, but it will not add into the Lutron app it needs to be factory reset.

Caseta Devices in Pairing mode 

Caséta devices in pairing mode


Follow the steps below to reset your Caséta/RA2 Select dimmer or switch (the entire process should be completed in under 6 seconds): 

  1. Quickly triple tap and then hold the ON or OFF button until the indicator light(s) on the device start flashing quickly.


  1. Immediately triple tap the button again, but this time do not hold. The indicator lights will flash again but this time slowly.

Do not wait for the indicator light(s) to stop flashing as this process is time sensitive.

Lutron PRO Tip: Do not lift your finger from the button, simply release pressure and immediately start tapping to enter the next step of the factory reset process.


  1. Watch the lights that the switch or dimmer is controlling. If the reset was successful, the lights will turn on and off 3 times (or brighten and dim 3 times) then turn back on to full brightness.

Lutron PRO Tip: You may have to close out of the Lutron app completely to properly default your device. Make sure the app is not running in the background of your device.


  1. Add the device again in the Lutron app. If you are having difficulty resetting the switch or dimmer, pull the tab out that is beneath the off button of the device and push it back in to power cycle the unit. Then attempt another reset. 

If you are still unable to add the device, continue to the “Connect the device to the correct hub” section below.

Connect the Device to the Correct Hub

If you have multiple homes or Smart Hubs, make sure you are connected to the correct home and/or Smart Hub by checking the following:

  • Your smart hub is within range (30 ft.) of the device you are adding.
  • You have successfully reset your Caséta/RA2 Select device to its factory default (See above).
  • None of the existing paired devices in your system are blinking slowly when in Add Device mode in the Lutron app. (see image below)

Caseta devices slowly blinking in the Add Device Mode

Caséta devices blinking slowly when in Add Device in the Lutron app


  1. Confirm you are connected to the right hub before adding your device:
    1. Tap on the Homes icon in the top-right hand corner of the Lutron app.
      • Note: This will only appear if you have multiple Lutron Systems
    2. A drop-down menu will appear to display multiple homes. The home with a checkmark Checkmark with solid fill next to it is the one you are currently connected to.
    3. Tap on the correct home for the device you are adding.




    1. Add the device again in the Lutron app.


    If you have recently replaced your smart hub, you will have to add the new hub to your Lutron app prior to adding your device. Follow the steps below to add another hub:
    1. Tap on the Settings icon in the top left-hand corner of the Lutron app.
    2. Next, select Account and tap on Add Home.
    3. Follow the on-screen steps to activate your smart hub.
    4. Add the device to the new hub after it is activated.


    If you no longer need access to the old hub, delete it from your Lutron app by switching to the previous home. Then, in the Settings of the Lutron app, tap on Edit Home and select Remove System from Account.


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