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How to replace a Caséta Hub (formerly Bridge) or RA2 Select Main Repeater

Before you Start

  • Keep your existing Hub connected to your network
  • All programming for your home system is stored on the Caséta Smart Hub and RA2 Select Main Repeater, replacing your Smart Hub or Main Repeater will require you to complete
    1. Reprogram your home system starting with devices scenes and schedules.
    2. Reestablish integrations with third party devices and services
  • Note: This article applies to RA2 Select and Caséta, not for Radio RA2 systems.

I still have my old Smart Hub or Main Repeater

  1. Sign-in to your Lutron App
  2. Delete all the devices associated to the Smart Hub or Main Repeater by going to
    • Devices
    • Click on a Device name
    • Click Edit Device
    • Select Delete Device 
    • Repeat for each device on the system
  3. Once all devices are deleted, Go to Settings>Edit Home>Remove System from Account
    • This will remove the account from the hub and also send a message to the server to disassociate the account and the old hub
  4. Disconnect the old Smart Hub or Main Repeater from the network
  5. Plug-in the new hub and in the Lutron App select "Homeowner" and then "Get Started"
  6. Select "Create new account" and then you should be able to enter you old email address since it has been removed from your old hub.
  7. The app should then start the normal setup procedure
Note: Sometimes there will be cached data that makes it look like there are 2 hubs on the network. If this happens be sure to select the MAC address of the new hub which can be found on the unit label on the underside of the hub (Example MAC Address: 00:0a:95:9d:68:16)

I no longer have access to my old Smart Hub or Main Repeater

  Force Remove the old hub from the account using the Lutron App
  1. In this scenario, you will need to select the home you would like to remove in the Lutron app. The app should fail to connect.
  2. At this time tap on Settings (gear icon in top left of app).
  3. In Settings select "Edit Home" and select "Remove Home From Account".
  4. The app will not be able to connect to the hub and will present a screen that will ask
    you if you would like to "force remove" the hub from the account. Select "Remove Account" in this screen.
  5. Hub should then be successfully removed from the account.
Setting up the new hub
  1. Select "Get Started" in the Lutron app (instead of Sign In)
  2. Then "Create a new account" using the desired email address.
Note: If the app tries to automatically sign into your old account, wait for the sign in to fail, then select Settings (gear icon)>Account>Add Home and then follow setup directions.


Trouble adding an old device to the new hub after setup?

If a device (dimmer, switch, etc.) will not pair with the new Hub or Main Repeater, you may need to default that device.
To do this, follow this video