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Caséta Wireless Product Installation Purchased a new home with...

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Purchased a new home with a Caseta System already installed

Congratulations on purchasing your new home!  This article will walk you through how to connect to an existing Caseta Wireless system in your new home.

Are you selling your home and leaving your Caseta system for the new homeowner? Review the article "Selling your house with Caseta Wireless System" for more information.

1:  Confirm you have a Caseta System
2:  Confirm you have a Caseta Smart Hub
3:  Connect the Hub to your router
4:  Download the Lutron App and connect to the existing Smart Hub

Section 1:  Confirm you have a Caseta System
Caseta dimmers and switches have a unique look.  Here is what the majority of controls look like:

If you have dimmers and switches like the ones above, proceed to Section (2). 
To learn more about Caseta products, please visit


Section 2:  Confirm you have a Caseta Smart Hub

Confirm your system includes a Caseta Wireless Smart Hub. The Smart Hub allows you to connect to your system remotely via your smartphone or tablet, as well as program your Caseta devices to scenes or schedules through the Lutron app.

The previous homeowner may have taken it with them for use in their new home. The hub has to be plugged into ethernet so it is usually located near a router. Here is a picture of what the Caseta Wireless Smart Hub looks like:

If the previous homeowner took the hub, or you are unable to locate it, a new Caseta Smart Hub can be purchased at home improvement stores, electrical distributors, or online resellers. Visit to locate retailers near you.

There are 2 model numbers available (L-BDG2-WH or L-BDGPRO2-WH). To learn more about the Caseta Smart Hub review the article "The Caseta Smart Hub (formerly Smart Bridge)"

Section 3:  Connect the Hub to your router

Plug the ethernet cord from your smart hub into a LAN port on your router. For detailed instructions on connecting your Caseta Smart Hub to your router, please review the "Smart Hub (formerly Smart Bridge) Setup and Troubleshooting" article for more information. 

Section 4:  Download the Lutron App and Connect to the Existing Smart Hub

image.png          image.png
1. Download the Lutron app from your device's app store or using the links above.
2. Select Homeowner and Get Started.
3. Create an account using a valid email address and password. Confirm the email address is typed correctly.
4. Confirm the smart hub and your phone are connected to the same network.
5. Add a home to your Lutron app and press the button on the back of the hub when prompted.
6. Set the correct time and location for the hub.
7. Once complete, the Lutron app will take you to your system's home screen where it will display any previously programmed devices, scenes, or schedule. 

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now successfully taken over an existing Caseta system. 

Visit the Using The App -or- Connected Products sections of the Support Site to learn more about how to unlock the power of your new Lutron system.