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Shades Troubleshooting Serena, Triathlon, and Palladiom Wire-Free...

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Serena, Triathlon, and Palladiom Wire-Free Shade Common Blink Code Guide

This article covers the common blink codes on Serena, Triathlon, and Palladiom Wire-Free Lutron shades. 


This article is expected to take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Knowledge Article Contents:

Before You Begin – Identify Your Shade Type

Before You Begin – Identify Your Shade Type

The Indicator Light on your shade can display a series of flashes, which provides valuable information on how to troubleshoot it. These flashes are referred to as the shade’s Blink Code.

The shade’s LED Indicator Light also doubles as a button for pairing or defaulting the shade. This is referred to as the Shade Button. All of the shades listed in this guide have one shade button. It appears in different locations depending on which type of shade you have.  

Identify your shade type below and click on the link for more information:


  Serena/Triathlon Roller Shades               Serena/Triathlon Honeycomb Shades

  Button is on either side of the shade                Button is at the top center of the headrail

        Serena/Triathlon Roller Shade - Indicator Light/Shade Button                            Serena/Triathlon Honeycomb Shade - Indicator Light/Shade Button                                     


   Serena/Triathlon Wood Blinds                 Triathlon Configured Roman Kit

 Button is on the left side of the shade                 Button is on either side of the shade

Serena/Triathlon Wood Blind - Indicator Light/Shade Button                    


Palladiom Wire-free Roller Shades

Button is on either side of the shade

Palladiom Wire-free Roller Shade - Indicator Light/Shade Button