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Selling your house with your Caseta Wireless System

Congratulations on selling your home!  We hope that you have enjoyed your Lutron Caseta wireless system and that you will consider installing one in your new home.  

Re-configuring the system for the new owner just takes three easy steps:
  1. Remove 3rd party integrations from the Lutron App:

From the Setting Screen (Gear icon in upper left of the App screen)
Press Advanced > Integration > Connections > Select Integration to remove > Remove from my Home.
  1. Remove your E-mail/Account from the System:

Go back to the main SETTINGS Screen
Press Edit Home.  Once in edit home, do the following:
  1. Change the Name to the street address
  2. Press Remove System from Account  Doing this will disassociate your email address from the system and most third party integrations.  This will also allow the new homeowner to set-up their account and associate their email address to the bridge.
NOTE:  All of the device and scene programming along with timeclock events remains stored in the bridge.  
  1. Re-set the Smart Bridge

Go to the location where your Smart Bridge is.  Press the Black Button on the back of the Smart Bridge for approximately 20 seconds until the light ring begins to blink.  Once it begins to blink, release the button and the light ring will return to solid within a few seconds.  

This will remove any remaining external connections/integrations from the smart bridge.

Your system is now ready for the new Homeowners.  You can now remove the bridge from your Wi-Fi router.  Please leave the power supply and ethernet cable for the new homeowner.

Thank you for your business and we hope that you will consider installing a Caseta System in your new home!