Introducing RadioRA 3

Lutron raises the bar once again. 10 years in the making, RadioRA 3 is a new, game-changing system that promises to transform the way your residential clients look at lighting control.

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Product Specification Submittals
  • 10 Output Power Panel Power Supply (12 V)

  • 15 A Tamper Resistant Receptacles

  • 15 A Tamper Resistant USB Receptacles

  • 15/20 A Self-Testing, Tamper-Resistant GFCI Receptacles - Specification Submittal

  • Maestro Style Dimmers, Switches and Fan Controls - Specification Submittal

  • 3-Wire Fluorescent Power Module - Specification Submittal

  • Sunnata RF Dimmers / Switch - Product Specifications

  • Lamp Dimmer

  • Pico Wireless Control - 4-Button

  • Pico Wireless Control - Fan Control

  • Pico Wireless Control - Scene Keypads

  • Pico Wireless Control - 2-Button/3-Button Controls and Accessories

  • Visor Controls

  • GRX-TVI 10V Interface

  • RadioRA 3 Outdoor Plug-in Switch

Product Specification Submittals
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Product Specification Submittals
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