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Which plug-in dimmer is my range extender in Caséta?


The first Caséta Plug in Lamp dimmer (PD-3PCL) will act as a 30 foot range extender when added to the Caseta system. If you have added multiple PD-3PCL to your system and you need to find out which is acting as the range extender, please follow the guide below. 

Note: The plug-in dimmer that is assigned as your range extender is listed in the Lutron App under "Settings>Advanced". Once a plug-in dimmer is assigned as a range extender it must be removed from the system if you want a different plug-in dimmer to be assigned as the range extender.

Steps to find which PD-3PCL is the Range Extender

1. Select, "Settings," by clicking on the cog in the upper left corner on the app

2. Within settings, select, "Advanced," near the bottom of the page

3. In Advanced, select the option for, "Range Extender,"

4. In this view you should now be able to see the Lamp dimmer that is acting as the range extender!