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Using Serena Shades with Caséta Wireless

Serena smart shades are available in insulating honeycomb and roller styles. Serena shades are offered in a wide variety of fabric colors and textures, for complete design customization. These shades can even be controlled from anywhere in the world using the Lutron App and Smart Bridge/Main Repeater. For more information, please see the Serena Shades website at

Adding Serena Shades to Caséta

  1. Make sure your Serena Shades are setup and installed. They should not be added to a system until they are fully installed to avoid any accidental damage. 
  2. Open your Lutron App
  3. On the top right, click the settings button and select, "Add Device."
  4. From the Device menu, click the device icon for adding a Shade
  5. The App will then guide you on what button on the shade you will need to press and hold for 10 seconds
  6. Once the shade is found, follow the app to name the shade and finish the pairing process.
Note: If you are having trouble adding the Shade to the system, we recommend defaulting the shade to factory settings and starting over. To accomplish this,
  1. Find the single button on the shade 
  2. Press the button 3-times, holding the button on the third press
  3. After holding for 6 seconds, the LED (the button you are holding) will start to flash rapidly
  4. Push rapidly 3-more times, if successful, the LED should flash red/green multiple times confirming the shade is defaulted
    • Note: If the LED does not flash red/green multiple times, you will need to start over from step 1
  5. Repeat the steps in the Adding Serena Shades to Caséta section.

Controlling Shades from Caséta 

  1. Within the Lutron App, tap the icon of the shade you want to control.
  2. Use a Pico remote (PJ2-3BRL-GWH-S01 for example) that is also assigned to the system to control the shade without the app. 
    • Note: Even if you loose internet connection, the Pico Remote will still be able to control the shade. 
  3. Use your voice! Caséta  pairs with many Home Control systems such as Apple Homekit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc. to allow you to be able to control your lights and shades just using your voice! Multiple shades can be controlled with one voice command by creating a group in the Alexa App for example. You can also create Scenes in the Lutron App for use with voice control.