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Caséta Wireless Using the App How to reorder rooms and...

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How to reorder rooms and scenes in Caséta or RA2 select.


This guide describes how to reorder the Rooms and Scenes on the home page, which are new features added as part of the 5.1 Patch Release.

Things to keep in mind

  • Rooms will be reorderable under the devices tab.
  • Devices within each room will NOT be reorderable.
  • Scenes will be reorderable under the scenes tab.
  • The “Add Scene” Row will NOT be reorderable.
  • The Schedules Tab will NOT be reorderable at all.
  • These settings are App Specific. It will only show on the device used to run the app. Other devices can be sorted differently.


  1. Simply touch and hold on a room or scene name that you want to move.
  2. The room/scene will ‘pop’ out of the screen and allow you to move it vertically to either before or after another room/scene that is currently visible on the screen.
  3. If the position you want the room/scene to be placed in is out of view of the home screen, drop the room/screen at a position closer to where you want to ultimately end up, scroll the screen to put the position you want it to go to, and repeat the process.