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How to add custom rooms in Caséta/RA2 Select


By default, the Lutron App only has a standard set of rooms added such as Bedroom, Office, etc. to add devices to. You can add new rooms with unique names to the App in order to better organize your setup.

Note: This guide will show one example of how to add a custom room to the App. Repeat these steps to add other types of rooms.


  1. Tap on the icon for the Device ('Bar') you want to add to a new room. 
  2. In the Pop Up window that appears, select "Edit Device" at the bottom.

  1. In the Edit Device Screen, click the arrow next to the current Room Name ('Bar').
  2. In the next screen, scroll down the list of available Room names, you might find one your like, in the "Other" section click "Add Room" at the bottom of the screen.

 5.  Create the new Room Name ('Wine Cellar') that you want and specify Indoor/Outdoor and Used For. Click "Save" at the top. 

6. After clicking "Save", you will return to the "Edit Device" screen.  Review the information, then click "Done".
7. You will return to the main Device screen and should now see the new room available for use.

Note: Repeat these steps to add more custom rooms to personalize your system.