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How do I switch between Caseta Smart Hubs in the Lutron app?

This article details the steps to switch between Caseta Smart Hubs in the Lutron app.

You will only have the option to switch between smart hubs if more than 1 hub has been associated with your Lutron account. For the steps on how to add another smart hub to your account review the article "How do I add another Caseta Smart Hub to the Lutron app?"

To switch between Smart Hubs in the Lutron app follow the steps below:

Step 1
Click on the Homes icon image.png in the top right-hand corner of the Lutron app. If you do not see this icon in your Lutron app, only one hub is currently linked to your account.

Note: The current home you are controlling will be indicated with a checkmark

Step 2 
Select the name of the hub you want to switch to. The app will then connect to the selected hub.

You have successfully switched between multiple hubs in your Lutron app!