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What are the Network Requirements for Caseta and RA2 Select?


This page lists the different ports and URLs that the Connect BridgeCaseta Smart Hub​​​​ (formerly Smart Bridge), and RA2 Select Main Repeater​ use while running. 

Most networks will not need special configuration for these devices to work correctly, but sometimes customers have firewalls.  Making sure these ports and URLs are unblocked is very important.

The Connect Bridge additionally requires that the Processor be using Telnet on port 23. It is possible, using Device IP, to change the telnet port of the processor. This will break the integration with the Connect bridge. 

Router Settings

  • The Connect Bridge, Caséta Smart Hub, or Main Repeater will make outbound connections to various servers for things like application remote access and firmware updates. 
  • Most networks will not require special configuration for these connections to be established. When dealing with a restricted network (normally found in a corporate environment) it is possible that some changes will need to be made by the network administrator.
  • Routers between different manufacturers and even different model routers from the same router manufacturer can potentially impact communication to the Lutron Hubs. Below is a short list of settings which may impact system connectivity from the mobile app and what they should be set to.
  • Note that these settings will not be available on every router.


  • Bonjour, mDNS, multicast


  • QoS, IGMP Snooping


  • Port​ settings are not always adjustable, and the ISP may need to involved to confirm that these ports are not blocked. Since no inbound connections are being made, no ports will need to be forwarded. ​
  • While port forwarding UDP port 23 from the internet to the network may help for the LHC+ mobile app, port forwarding port 23 for the Lutron Connect app will not help communication with the Connect app what-so-ever. Port forwarding port 23 will always be ineffective at best, or detrimental at worst. Forwarding port 23 can cause Telnet lockout to go into effect which will cause the Connect mobile app to be unable to connect to the system.


  • 80 (TCP), 123 (UDP), 443 (TCP), 8883 (TCP), 7443 (TCP)


  • No port forwarding required.

Local Network

22 (SFTP), 23 (TCP), 1900 (UDP multicast), 4548 (TCP), 5353 (UDP multicast), 8081 (TCP), 8083 (TCP)