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Caséta Wireless Troubleshooting My dimmer was working but...

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My dimmer was working but suddenly stopped working and there are no green indicator lights illuminated as well as the dimmer not turning on.

Has this happened to your dimmer?

"My dimmer was working, but suddenly stopped one day.  The green indicator lights on the dimmer no longer light up and the dimmer does not turn my lights on."

If this happened to a previously installed dimmer -OR- you have been unable to get the product to work in a new installation, please follow the steps below:


  1. ​Re-set the dimmer:  This can be completed by pulling the Front Accessible Service Switch (FASS) tab for approximately 10 seconds and then and pushing it back in. The FASS tab is located underneath the "Off button on the wall dimmer or switch and can be pulled out with the use of your fingernail.  The FASS will only extend about an eighth of an inch.  Occasionally after a power outage, the smart dimmer/switch may not reset properly. The FASS tab cycles power to the unit and re-sets the connection between the dimmer and the load (lights) in order to work properly. 
  1. Check your lamps.  Another possibility is that the lamp(s) on the dimmer have failed and need to be replaced.  The dimmer needs to sense a load in order to function.  A failed lamp will cause the green indicator lights to go out as the dimmer.  This would only be the case if the dimmer only had one light bulb or fixture wired to it and that one unit failed. In circuits where multiple bulbs or fixtures are wired to the dimmer the dimmer would still continue to work as long as there was at least 1 light in good working condition that meets the minimum load requirement.
  1. Review your wiring.  If you cycled the FASS tab and checked that there is a known good standing lighting load on the dimmer, then you would want to check the wiring.  If not installed correctly, it is possible for a connection to come loose.  If this is a new installation, review the wiring to make sure that the wires have been attached correctly.