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How to Create a Support File for Caséta/RA2 Select


This article covers the Submit Support Logs Option in the Help menu under settings. Some other features you can find in the Help menu include links to support sites, contact information for support, privacy policy and a link to legal documents related to the app.

Submit Support Logs

This option sends a system file to the Lutron Support Team. It collects the information about the Main Repeater or Caséta Smart Hub (formerly Smart Bridge) - firmware version and MAC Address - as well as logs of device history. This generates an email for the user to send to the Technical Support team. That team can analyze the files and help determine possible causes of an issue. There is space in the generated email for you to include any further details to help the support team.

If a case number was provided by a phone agent or in a different email string, the case number should be entered into the subject line of the email. This will pair the support files up with the appropriate case.

Note: Please send feedback while connected to the same Wifi network as the Caséta/RA2 Select system. This ensures that all logging information will be included. If the support logs are sent while connected remotely, logging information will be missing.

Step 1
From the Settings menu tap on Help.


Step 2
Then tap Submit Support Logs.


Step 3
Select the issue that relates to the problem you are experiencing then tap on next in top right corner of screen.


Step 4
Enter all required information in order to send the support logs. Once all required information is entered you will then see the option to Send Support Request Email.


Step 5
Once the Support Logs are done preparing an email will be generated for you to then send to


Note on contacting Lutron Technical Support:
  • If you have a system performance issue and choose to send a support file, you will be contacted via email.  If you call the 24/7 support phone number, you may be asked to generate the support file or reference a Case number received in an email response.