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What fans can I control with the PD-FSQN?

This article will cover the different scenarios where you can and cannot use the Caséta Fan Control, PD-FSQN. For each scenario, the Caséta Fan Control can only control the fan itself and will not be able to control a light kit installed on the fan.

Before You Start


Installation Scenarios 

A single fan without a light attached

  • This is the standard application for this product and you can follow the instructions in this Installation Guide

A single fan with a light attached and a single control on the wall

  • This PD-FSQN will only control the fan, not the lighting load.

  1. If the old control has a separate wire for controlling the fan and a separate wire for controlling the light, you will need an additional light switch or dimmer to control the light (Ex. PD-6WCL)
  2. If the old control has a single wire for controlling the fan and the light, this control will not work.
  3. If the old control has a single wire but only controls the fan and NOT the light, you can replace your old fan control with the Caséta Fan Control. 

A single fan with a light attached and two controls on the wall (One for Fan Speed, one for the light)

  • You can replace the fan control with the PD-FSQN and can continue to use the light switch separately. 

    Use Common Features

    • You can control this product wirelessly using a Pico remote (Ex. PJ2-3BRL-GWH-F01)
    • You can save your favorite fan speed by first setting the fan to the desired speed then pressing and holding the middle button for 10 seconds until the LED blinks. 
    • Caseta Fan Control features quick overview

    Did You Know?

    • This product is compatible with the Caséta Wireless system. When paired with the system you can:
      • Control your fan speed using Alexa or Google Home 
      • Control the fan when you are away from home using the Caséta App
      • Create scenes with your Fan and Light controls to set the mood quickly right from your phone!