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Caséta Wireless Product Selection What are Caséta PRO Products?

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What are Caséta PRO Products?

  • PRO models provide advanced specifications for greater versatility in a wider range of systems.

  • PRO models are only available through Lutron dealers and distributors. Find local dealers and distributors here.

PRO Dimmers and Switches

PD-5NE   - Phase selectable dimmer. Max ratings
  • 500W ELV 
  • Up to 20 Hi-Lume 1% LED driver (Neutral required)
  • 400W MLV
  • 500W Incandescent/Halogen
  • 250W LED
PD-10NXD  Forward Phase dimmer. Max rating
  • 250W LED 
  • 1000W Incandescent/Halogen 
  • 800W MLV (Neutral optional)
  • PD-5WS-DV  5A digital switch (No neutral) that can be used in 120v or 277v applications. 
Note: All PRO Dimmers and Switches can be used on a Non-PRO Caséta Hub (formerly Bridge) (Ex. L-BDG2-WH)



L-BDGPRO2-WH  - The Smart Hub PRO provides all the features/benefits of the Smart Hub, plus it is: NoteUse this link  and scroll to the bottom of the page to find all security systems, A/V remote controls, and smart home devices that are only compatible with the PRO Smart Hub