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Caséta Wireless Fan Control - PD-FSQN

The Caséta Fan Speed Control allows Caséta users the ability to control their fan from a Pico Remote, as well as from their Caséta System from anywhere in the world. 


  • Favorite button for preset fan speed
  • Provides 4 quiet fan speeds plus off for a single ceiling fan
  • Pico Remote for multi-location applications (PJ2-3BRL-Gxx-F01) with 10 year battery life
  • Kick-start feature turns fan to HIGH before going to selected speed

Model Number

  • For use with paddle-type ceiling fans only - not for use with fans that have integrated fan speed and/or light control modules, DC motor fans, fans with remote controls, bathroom or kitchen exhaust type fans.
  • 1.5A maximum -120V 
  • 0.1A minimum load 
  • AC motors only
  • Requires a neutral wire
  • 1 PD-FSQN requires 2 in (63 mm) minimum depth wallbox
  • Single-pole only - for multi-location applications the Fan Pico (PJ2-3BRL-Gxx-F01) can be installed using the Pico Wallbox Adapter Bracket
  • FASS Tab available to pull out to service or clean the fan - to restore power push FASS back in completely.


Fan Control Comparison

Caséta Fan Control limits current in each speed setting via switching between different capacitors. Lutron Fan Controls using this technology fall within 2 different categories.

Category 1: Smaller Capacitors (Less power delivered to fan; slower fan speed)
  • Caséta Fan Speed (PD-FSQN)
  • Maestro Fan/Light (MACL-LFQ)
Category 2: Larger Capacitors (More power delivered to fan; faster fan speed)​
  • Skylark/Diva/​​Rotary/Ra2 (SFSQ-F, DVFSQ-F, FSQ-2F, RRD-2ANF)


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