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Caséta Plug-In Lamp Dimmer - PD-3PCL

The plug-in lamp dimmer simply plugs into a standard outlet and can be used with up to two lamps. This dimmer works with up to 300-Watt of incandescent or halogen, 100-Watt of dimmable LED or dimmable CFL.


  • Allows wireless control of up to two lamps. Simply plug the lamp(s) into the dimmer, and plug the dimmer into a standard outlet.
  • Multilocation and remote control using Pico wireless remotes.
  • Dims forward phase; can be set to switching (on/off) mode using advanced programming mode.
  • UL listed to control:
    • up to 300W of incandescent/halogen lighting
    • up to 100W of dimmable compact fluorescent (CFL) with integrated ballast
    • up to 100W of approved dimmable LEDs with integrated driver (find compatible bulbs here: LED Finder)

Model Number



Minimum Load

The PD-3PCL has a minimum load requirement of 10W of incandescent/halogen lighting or one (1) approved dimmable LED. Please check the LED Finder tool or compatibility. If the minimum load requirement is not met, the dimmer may not function properly. Note: A lighting load is not strictly required for the PD-3PCL to work as a range extender. See the section below on its use as a range extender.

Installation Summary


Note: These steps only apply if you are using this product in a standalone setup. Once the dimmer is paired to the app, it will not respond to these programming steps.

  • Entering programming mode: Press and hold the OFF button for 6 seconds. All 7 LED indicator lights should begin to blink together. Release; the dimmer is now in programming mode
  • Associate a Pico remote: While in programming mode, press and hold the OFF button on the Pico for 6 seconds. The indicator LEDs and the lights will flash on and off 3 times to confirm the association. The Pico should now control the dimmer.

Use as a Range Extender in Caséta Wireless

As of 1/5/2017, the Caséta PD-3PCL can be used as a range extender for the Caséta Wireless system. This product must be located within 30ft of the Smart Hub (formerly Smart Bridge) and activated as usual. The first lamp dimmer added to the system will automatically be treated as the range extender for the system. The range extender provides an additional 30 feet of coverage.

  • There is a limit of one (1) range extender per Caséta system.
  • Customers can confirm which lamp dimmer is acting as a range extender by selecting Settings > Advanced > Range Extender.
  • A lamp is not required for this product to act as a range extender. If the customer does not have a lamp plugged in, this product will still operate as a range extender.

Note: Dealers and customers familiar with RadioRA 2 or Homeworks QS might be tempted to treat this as an RF repeater. With those systems, the "30-foot bubbles" simply need to overlap for devices to communicate. With Caséta, the range extender itself needs to be within range of the 30-foot bubble of the Smart Hub. See the image below for a visual demonstration of how the range extender can help reach shades outside the bubble of the Smart Hub. If the PD-3PCL were in the place of the shades, it would not be able to communicate with the Smart Hub, even though their "bubbles" would overlap.

Advanced Programming

Note: These steps work even if the dimmer is paired to a Caséta system.

Adjusting the trim settings simply "cuts off" a portion of the dimming curve that might cause LEDs to exhibit poor performance. This setting will not eliminate those issues; it just prevents the dimmer from going to certain levels.

  • Adjust Low-End Trim to improve LED performance at the low-end. Refer to the Advanced Programming Guide (above) page 71 for visuals.
    • Press and hold ON and LOWER until a status light starts flashing on the dimmer.
    • Hold the LOWER button until the LED stops dimming down or turns off entirely.
    • Tap RAISE until the LED stops flickering and is stable.
    • Hold OFF until the indicator stops blinking to save the setting.
    • Verify the changes by turning the dimmer off, then tapping RAISE once. The light should turn on it its new lowest level.
  • Adjust High-End Trim to improve LED performance at the high-end. Refer to the Advanced Programming Guide (above) page 70 for visuals.
    • Press and hold ON and RAISE until a status light starts flashing on the dimmer.
    • Hold the RAISE button until the LED is at full brightness and your issue is present.
    • Tap LOWER until the LED stops flickering and the desired maximum light level is reached.
    • Hold OFF until the indicator stops blinking to save the setting.
    • Verify the changes by pressing the ON button. The light should turn on it its new highest level.
  • Convert plug-in dimmer to switch non-dim loads. Note that this does not change the types of loads the dimmer can control. (i.e., This is still a lighting-only product. A PD-3PCL in switching mode will not act like a relay.)
    • Press and hold ON and OFF until the status light starts flashing. The dimmer has now changed modes.
    • Verify the change by tapping off and on. The light should turn on and off without dimming if it was set to switching mode.
    • Follow the same step again to put a PD-3PCL set to switching mode back to dimming mode. This step is a simple toggle between the two states (dim mode and switch mode).

Factory Default (out-of-box) procedure. This will return the dimmer to factory default settings, removing any associations with remotes or a system and resetting the high- and low-end trim. Instructional video.

  • Triple tap the ON button and hold the third press in
  • Continue to hold for 6 seconds, until the indicators and the lights begin to ramp up and down
  • Immediately tap 3 more times, and then release.
  • The lights should ramp up and down again, more slowly. Once they stop flashing, the device has been returned to factory defaults.

Color options

White - WH