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How to setup the 4 Group Shade Remote in Caséta /RA2 Select


This article covers the programming of the 4 Group RF Shade Remote (CS-YJ-4GC-WH) in Caséta and RA2 Select. This remote is designed for controlling 4 different groups of shades using RF frequencies. Originally, this remote did not work in Caséta or RA2 Select, but an update has made it possible to control and program. 

Adding the Remote to the App

The 4 Group Shade Remote is added and programmed in the same way as a Pico Remote. To do this, go to Settings > Add Device and select the Shade Remote. The app will then tell you which button to push and hold to pair. Once paired, you can name the remote and add it to a room.

Programming the remote using the App

Tapping on the remote in the app and tapping "Edit Device" will bring up the options for the remote and allow you to choose what devices to pair the remote with. Similar to a 4-Button Pico, the app will display the options for each numbered button that can be programmed and which shades will be affected.


  1. Tap the picture of the 4 Group shade remote in the app to bring up the below dialog and tap the "Edit Device" button

In the Edit Device screen, tap on "Shades" to change which shades are in which group



  1. The screen will show the 4 possible groups the remote can control (these match the 4 numbers on the remote). Tap on the first group you want to program. 


  1. Now select the shades to assign to the group and tap save when done. 

  1. Finally, go back to Step 2 to program the other 3 groups.