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Change the Caséta Plug-In Lamp Dimmer to Switch Mode

Convert from dimming to switch mode if you want to use the Lamp Dimming Smart Plug with a non-dimmable load and enjoy all the features of scenes, schedules and voice control.Steps to convert to switch mode
  1. With the PD-3PCL powered on, press and hold the "On" and "Off" buttons simultaneously for 6 seconds until the indicator light flashes rapidly, then release.
  2. To Verify:
    • Tap "Off" one time, light will turn off.
    • Tap "On" one time, light will turn on.
    • The Raise and Lower buttons should be disabled and not respond until the dimming mode is re-enabled.**
  3. To revert the PD-3PCL back into Dimming Mode repeat step 1.
**Only use lighting loads on your plug-in lamp dimmer, even when operating in switch mode.

PD-3PCL Change to switching mode