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How to setup Smart away in Caséta or RA2 Select


Smart Away is a feature to give you peace of mind while you are away from your home. Smart Away can be turned On/Off manually or automatically. When Smart Away is on, there will be a banner shown on the Home Page of the Lutron App to let you know it is active. 


1. Randomization - Smart Away can randomly turn lights on and off throughout the evening to make it look like someone is home. Specifically, it does the following:
  • Any lights that are selected during setup will be randomly turned on and off
  • Smart Away will randomize the lights between the hours of 6pm and 11pm
  • The lights that are selected will be turned on once and then turned off once between the above hours
  • Shades cannot be included in Smart Away Randomization

2. Nest Cam - If you have a Nest Camera you can enable Smart Away to turn on selected lights to full on for 15 min after any Nest Camera detects motion. 
  • Affected lights turn off automatically after 15 min. Timeclocks or manual changes to the light during that time will cancel this.
  • Only works with Nest Cameras that have active Nest Aware subscriptions. 
  • Shades cannot be included

Things to keep in mind

  • The system must have a good internet connection to get accurate times so that it knows when to start or stop Smart Away
  • The time zones set on the system will impact when the lights randomize. Double check these settings by going to Settings>Advanced>Time and Location to make sure your time zone is set correctly


  1. Go to the Settings menu by clicking the Settings gear icon on the top left of the Lutron App's Home Screen

  1. Click the option for Arriving/Leaving Home

  1. Click on the option that says Smart Away to open the Smart Away settings screen

  1. Tap the "Randomization" button and select the lights that you would like to have turned on and off by Smart Away. Once you are done, use the arrow on the top left to go back to the Smart Away settings screen.

  1. (Nest Cam Only) If you are logged into Nest, you can select the Nest Cam option in the Smart Away settings screen to assign lights to be turned on automatically when your Nest Camera detects motion

  1. To finish, select whether you want Smart Away to activate automatically when you are not home. This works by the App tracking your phones location.

  1. Once activated, you can go back to the App's Home Screen and under the "Scenes" tab, you should be able to see Smart Away. Note: If you did not select to have the App automatically turn on Smart Away, you can click the Smart Away icon to enable or disable it.