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How to setup a Geofencing scene with Caséta or RA2 Select

This guide describes how to enable your system to change device levels when you arrive or leave home, Geofencing does the work for you in case you forget.

You cannot have some family members set to use the 'phone GPS' and some family members set to use Nest. When one person changes the setting, it will affect all the family members.



Step 1. Go to the Settings menu in the Lutron App by clicking on the Settings gear icon in the Home Screen. 

Step 2. Tap on "Arriving/Leaving" Home

Step 3. Tap on "What decides if you are home?"

Step 4a. To have your phone decide when you are home, tap on "My Phone's Location." A "Set Home Location" option should appear, tap on that and a Map should appear to select your home.
  • If the map does not appear, tap "Change Home Location," to enter your address manually. 

Step 4b. If you have a Nest product and would like Nest to decide when you are home, tap the option "Nest Home/Away Assist."

Step 5. Once you have selected what will determine when you are home, go back to the Arriving/Leaving Home menu and select "Arriving Home," to setup what happens when you return home. 

Step 6. Now choose the lights and lighting levels that will activate when you arrive home. You can also select to Activate a scene only after sunset, so that if you get home before dark, the lights don't turn on. 

Step 7. Go back to Arriving/Leaving home menu and select "Leaving Home," to setup what happens when you leave your home. 

Step 8. Once you have finished setting up, tap the back button until you return to the home screen and save your settings.