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How to setup Apple Homekit (Siri) with Caséta/RA2 Select


This article covers the set up and troubleshooting of HomeKit / Siri integration with Caséta or RA2 Select.

Set Up

Step 1. Download the newest version of the Apple iOS Lutron app

Step 2. Go into Settings on the Lutron app


Step 3. Click on “HomeKit & Siri”

Step 4. Click on “Add Home”


Step 5. Enter the code on the bottom of your Smart Hub (former Smart Bridge)


Step 6. Go back to Settings on the Lutron app


Step 7. Click on “HomeKit & Siri”

Step 8. Click on “Rooms”


Step 9. Click the + button to create a new “Room” or select a room to edit the devices in it

Step 10. Once the Devices have been added to the room, hit Save and continue to setup any additional rooms


Limitations and features

The Lutron app allows users to control the following types of 3rd-party HomeKit devices:

  1. Thermostats
    • Change thermostat mode
    • Change setpoint
  2. Ceiling fans
    • Change fan speed (in 25% increments)
    • If the ceiling fan fixture also has a light, the user can also control the lights
    • Change the direction of the fan (clockwise/counter-clockwise) on the edit screen
    • Change the name and icon of the fan on the edit screen

If you have paired another HomeKit to device to your iPhone/iPad using that device manufacturer's app, then it will also appear in the Lutron app. 

3rd party HomeKit devices cannot be removed from the Lutron app, but they can be hidden if the you do not want to see them on the Settings screen (ex. Configure Homepage).

  • Some examples of HomeKit devices on the market which are supported are:
    • Honeywell Lyric thermostat
    • iDevices thermostat
    • Hunter Symphony and Signal ceiling fans
    • Other future devices will also be automatically supported - Apple maintains a list here: