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How to setup Amazon Alexa with Caséta/RA2 Select


  • Amazon Echo 
  • Either a Lutron Caséta or RA2 Select system (Lutron App and Smart Hub (formerly Smart Bridge) or Main Repeater)
  • Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick will need voice remotes

Before You Start

  • Download the newest version of the Lutron app
  • Make sure that the Caséta/RA2 Select system is setup and functioning in the Lutron App
  • Have your Lutron App Email and Password ready


Step 1. Log in to your Amazon account using your Amazon Credentials. Navigate to the "Skills & Games" section and search for Lutron.

Search on 'Lutron' to find the Skill that matches the icon highlighted below.

Step 2. Click the "Enable" button. This will redirect you to Lutron's login page.

Step 3. Enter Lutron Credentials (Email and Password) associated with your Caséta Smart Hub.
  • You may be prompted to Authorize "Lutron Alexa Adapter" click "Authorize".
  • It will then display "Linked with Alexa!"
Step 4. Press the X to return to Connected Home and ask Alexa, "Alexa, discover my devices." Once complete, you will see a list of devices that were discovered (example below)

Step 5. Once your devices are connected, you will be able to control them using Alexa.


  • If all of your devices do not show up, try asking Alexa to discover devices again.
    • If you are still missing devices, make sure they are all working in the Lutron app.