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How to add Honeywell Thermostats to Caséta/RA2 Select


This article covers the integration of specific Honeywell Thermostats. This integration is done through the Honeywell app and account. That thermostat does not directly communicate with the RA2 Select or Caséta system through RF, like other devices, but rather through the system utilizing the customers Honeywell log in information.


Set Up

The Thermostat must be set up on the local Wifi and registered with the Honeywell account. Once complete, follow the below steps in the images from the Add Device option in the RA2 Select and Caséta App settings menu.

  • When selecting the Honeywell Thermostat, the app will ask for the Honeywell log in information. Once added, the temperature will display in the Lutron app near the top.
  • Tapping on the temperature will bring up the Thermostats added to the system.

Step 1. Add device screen

Step 2. Select the thermostat you want to setup

Step 3. Enter your Honeywell login information

What can the Lutron App do with Thermostats?

  • Change the operating temperature set points
  • Change operating Modes (Heat/Cool/Etc.)
  • Change Fan Modes
  • Enable or disable schedules
What can't the Lutron App do with Thermostats?
  • Cannot create or edit schedules for the Thermostat
  • Cannot include Thermostats in a scene
  • Cannot add or remove Thermostats from a Honeywell Account