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Google voice Commands for Caséta /RA2 Select

Lighting Control Commands

When using Google Home/Assistance to control lighting controls, here are the commands you can use.

  • Turn all lights on: "Okay Google, turn lights on."
  • Dim all lights in home: "Okay Google, dim lights to 25%."
  • Dim a specific light (Dinning room): "Okay Google, dim Dinning Room light by 50%."
  • Set a specific light to a specific level (Bedroom): "Okay Google, set Bedroom light to 40%"

Shade Commands

When using Google Home/Assistance to control Lutron Shades (Serena and wireless Sivoia) here are the commands you can use.
  • Open Shade: "Okay Google, open the Bedroom shade."
  • Close Shade: "Okay Google, close Bedroom Shade."
  • Set shade to a specific limit: "Okay Google, set the Living Room shade to 50%"
  • Check to see if a Shade is open: "Okay Google, is the Living Room shade open?"
Note: Serena Wood Blinds with Manual Raise/Lower can only have tilt controlled by Google
  • Tilt Shade: "Okay Google, turn/tilt/rotate the Bedroom Shade to 50%

Fan Speed Control Commands

When using Google Home/Assistant to control the Lutron Caséta Fan Speed Control (PD-FSQN) here are the commands you can use. 
  • Set speed: “Okay Google, set the Bedroom Fan Speed to Medium”.
  • Turn on: “Okay Google, turn on the Living Room Fan”.
  • Turn off: “Okay Google, turn off the Dining Room Fan”.
  • Increase the fan speed: “Okay Google, increase/turn up the Bedroom Fan speed”.
  • Decrease the fan speed: “Okay Google, decrease/turn down the Living Room Fan speed”.