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Caséta Wireless Connected Products Controlling Caséta/RA2 Select with Alexa

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Controlling Caséta/RA2 Select with Alexa

Features and Applications for Caséta and Amazon Alexa

Amazon Groups

  1. The first key feature of using Alexa is the ability to assign devices to Amazon Groups. These differ from the Scenes that can be created in Caséta as Scenes can only set a selection of lights to one specific setting where a Alexa group can be used to set the same lights to multiple levels.

    • Examples: You can create a Caséta Movie scene to dim all of the lights in a specific room to 30% to set the mood for a movie. If you wanted to then set the lights to 80% in the same room, you will need to create a second scene. If instead you create a Group of lights for the Group in Alexa (such as Basement lights) you can ask Alexa to turn on the Basement lights so they all come on together when you enter the room and then ask Alexa to turn off the Basement lights when you leave.

Caséta Devices that can be used with Alexa

  1. All Caséta Lighting controls can be used with Amazon Alexa. This link provides a list of all current Caseta Lighting Controls.

  2. Serena and wireless Sivioa shades can be used with Amazon Alexa.
    • If using wireless Sivioa shades, you will need to use the Lutron Caséta Pro Hub (formerly Pro Bridge)
    • Serena Wood Blinds with manual raise/lower can only be controlled with scenes. 
  3. The Caséta Fan Control (PD-FSQN) can be controlled by Amazon Alexa.

Don't see new devices in your Amazon Alexa after adding them to Caséta ?

  1. Ask Alexa, "Alexa, discover devices." This will force Alexa to look at the Caséta system and try to find the devices it is missing.

    • If the devices are not discovered initially, give it a few minutes and try again. There may be a delay between when you add a device to Caséta before Amazon is able to see it

  2. If you are still unable to find the new devices you may need to unlink Caséta from your Amazon account and Re-link it
    • To do this, navigate to the Skills section in your Amazon app, find the Lutron skill, and click "Unlink" 
    • Once this is done, find the Lutron skill again, click "Link" and enter your Lutron Email and Password