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Caséta Wireless Bridge Connection Use the same email with...

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Use the same email with a replacement Caséta Smart Hub (formerly Smart Bridge)


I had to replace my Caséta Smart Hub and I want to continue to use the same email address that I have on my Lutron App account.

Below are the steps to use in order to remove your email from your old Smart Hub in the Lutron App:

1. Click on settings

2. Go to Edit Home.

3. Click on the "Remove Home From Account" button and then confirm the deletion.

4, If you’re on the same network as the old hub and still able to connect to it, tap the black button on the hub when the app asks you to. This will remove the hub from the email account.

5. If you can’t connect to the hub. Tap “Remove Account” when prompted to force remove the hub you no longer have or cannot connect to from the email account.

6. Congrats! You have removed a home from your account.

Now that the original Smart Hub is removed from the email, you can begin the set up process for your new Smart Hub in the Lutron app.
  1. Click on settings. 
  2. Click on  Account.
  3. Click Add Home button.
  4. Go through the setup flow and give your home a unique name (this can be changed later in settings).
  5. Congrats! You have added a new home to your account