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Caséta Wireless Bridge Connection How to update Caséta Hub...

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How to update Caséta Hub (formerly known as Bridge) or RA2 Select Firmware


 There are two main reasons you would need to upgrade your Caséta / RA2 Select hub firmware:

1. During the initial setup of your new Hub / Main Repeater in the app. You may get a message to upgrade the firmware to the latest version and an on screen prompt in the app to start the process.

2. Lutron periodically pushes firmware updates to the hub/main repeater automatically. If there is an issue with the automatic update, you may need to manually update it.

Firmware updates are important to ensure you have access to the latest features of the system.

Caséta Firmware Update Process

The Lutron App will notify you in the event that the Hub / Main Repeater needs a firmware update.
1. Unplug the power from the Hub / Main Repeater for 5 seconds and then plug it back in
2. Select next 

Note: The below message is typically seen with new system setups or when an updated firmware revision is available in the app.

3. The software should advise that the Hub / Main Repeater is updating and that this could take 8-15 minutes. In many cases, it is quicker. The light ring around the Caséta hub should be flashing in a circular motion during this process to indicate the unit is receiving the firmware update.

4. When finished, you should see a prompt that the firmware update was successful and then be able to access the system again.


If you receive an error message such as "A network problem has occurred during the firmware update", please check the following:

1. Make sure your phone is connected to the same network that the Hub/Main Repeater is connected to.
  • Your phone needs to be on the same IP strand as the Hub/Main Repeater
2. Make sure the Hub/Main Repeater is connected to a router that has active internet access.

3. Leaving the Ethernet cable connected unplug for 10 seconds and plug the power back into the Hub/Main Repeater.
  • If the firmware is being updated, the LED on the Hub/Main Repeater should flash in a circular motion.
Note: When the Hub/Main Repeater updates successfully, the LED will return to a solid on status and you should be able to access the system via your app at this point.
If you're unable to access the system through the app, attempt troubleshooting step 3 again or contact Lutron Support