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Creating a new system without Internet

Creating a new system without Internet

In this article, we will cover how to set up a System without internet access. With these steps, you will be able to use Lutron Designer to program, activate, and transfer a functional project to your processor. You will want to later connect your processor to a router with internet connection for all available features, Lutron App control, and Cloud Services


Before you Begin

  • Ensure you have the included PoE Injector or a compatible third-party PoE Injector/Switch for powering the Processor and Ethernet cable to connect the computer to the Processor.
    • If you do not have an ethernet port, ensure you have a usb-to-ethernet adapter.
  • Ensure you are running the latest version of Lutron Designer
    • You can find the latest version of Lutron Designer from the Resources tab on MyLutron
    • Processors will need to be on the latest firmware; this can be done on-site, but it is recommended to do so while having an Internet Connection.
  • If you are working with Multiple Processors ensure you have an Ethernet Switch or Temporary Router to use.
  • If possible, we recommend Designing the Project file while connected to the internet with Cloud Services Enabled
    • If you take this route, ensure you use File > Export to File to have a local version of the project saved. When it asks to save your work to the Cloud, Select Yes.
    • This will ensure the project file is recoverable with a Cloud Backup, and the project file will backup when reconnected to the internet, opened, and saved.
  • If you are using an iPhone you will need to have iTunes installed for a Method 1 of activating Clear Connect Type-X devices.


Setup Steps

Step 1: Create your project OR open an existing project 

  • Open Lutron Designer and select View > Switch to File-based view. This will prevent Cloud-related or Places-related warnings from appearing.

View Menu within Lutron Designer

  • Select your system type. Select Create New Project, or select Browse Project to open an existing project.
    • Note: If you open an existing project that is Cloud-Enabled, you will see an error stating you are working on an older version. This is normal.

You are working on an older version Error

Step 2: Design & Program (For New Projects)

  • Create the layout via the Design tab: Add your rooms, controls, device name, dimming settings, zone names, and related options.
    • The Device Names and Zone Names are extremely important for the activation step to tell which device to activate.
  • Program the system via the Program tab: Program buttons, scenes, schedules, and HVAC settings here. 

Step 3: Activate your processor  

  • In this step, hardwire your processor to your PC via Ethernet.  
    • NOTE: Ensure you are using a compatible PoE-enabled source / Lutron PoE Injector.  
  • In the Activate > Processors tab, you will see any processors currently connected. To Identify the processor, select the Identify Selected Processor button at the bottom left to make it’s indicator light flash Green. You may apply a Static IP to the processor or leave on DHCP Enabled. 

 IP settings in the Activate Tab Identify a Selected Processor button 

  • Click “Activate” on the right-hand side of the Activation tab.
    • Wait until the status finishes spinning and states Good with a check mark.  

Processor Status Indicator

Step 4: Activate Type A controls 


Activating Clear Connect Type-X devices while offline.

Activating Clear Connect Type-X devices will require a few more steps while offline. This is due to the Processor being offline and unable to receive Activation Information directly from the app.

Step 1: Enter Activation mode

  • Under Activate Tab, select Clear Connect Type X devices
  • Select the option at the bottom left, “No Wi-fi? Sync with the App directly”

No Wifi button  

Step 2: Manually Sync Activation Information to the phone

This can be done by two methods:

  1. Method 1: Using a USB
    1. Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable
    2. In the Lutron App, Sign into your Pro Installer Mode.
    3. Select your system type, then select More Options at the bottom.
      • Pro Installer mode with More Options underlined
    4. Select Sync from Computer
    5. In Lutron Designer, select the ‘Sync Connected Device’ button.
      • Manual Sync option via usb in Lutron Designer.
      • Note: The app will not progress until you hit Done in the Sync Successful window
        • Successful Sync from Lutron Designer
    6. You may disconnect the device from the computer at this point.
  2. Method 2: Using Manual File transfer
    1. This option will save the Activation Information as a file to your computer. We only recommend using this option if the above does not work.
      • Manual Sync menu in Lutron Designer Via manual transfer
    1. Select Export Data. A pop up will display a password.
      • Save this password as you will need it in Step 7.
      • Lutron Designer's Password for Manual Sync
    2. Select Continue, and it will save the Activation Data file to your computer.
    3. You will need to transfer this file to your phone via email, airdrop, or a USB connection.
    4. In the Lutron App, Sign into your Pro Installer Mode.
    5. Select your system type, then select More Options at the bottom.
      • Pro Installer mode with More Options underlined
    6. Select ‘Sync from Computer’, then select ‘Cannot connect phone?’
      • Manual Activation Sync screen 
    7. Select Import File. Now open the file from where you saved it in Step 2.
    8. Enter the password from Step 1.
      • Manual Sync Password screen


Step 3: Activate Devices.

For details on the Activation process, see Clear Connect Type-X Activation Guide

Step 4: Sync Activation Information back to the Computer
 Now that the devices are activated in the App, we need to bring this information back to the Designer Software.

  1. Exit the Room, and select Save & Done at the top right corner.
    • Manual Activation Screen in Lutron app
  2. If you are using Method 1 from above, reconnect the Phone to the computer.
    • Select Sync Connected Device; the serial numbers will begin to fill in for each device activated.
    • Sync with Computer menu in Lutron App
  3. If you are using Method 2 from above, Select Cannot Connect Phone?
    • Manual Sync option to Import or Export.
  4. Select Export File
  5. This will ask to save the new Activation Data to your phone. You will need to transfer this file to your computer via email, airdrop, or a USB connection.
  6. In Lutron Designer, Select Next at the bottom left twice to reveal the Import Data button.
    • Lutron Designer's Import Option
  7. Select Import Data and select the Activation Data file.
    • A successful import with serial numbers in Lutron Designer



Step 5: Transfer to save your changes 

Now that your devices are activated, you will want to wait the full 15 minutes before completing a transfer. This allows all Clear Connect Type X devices to sync to the processor and build their mesh network/

  1. Select the Transfer Tab
  2. Below the Transfer button, select Advanced Options.
  3. Check Yes for the Force Full Transfer option
  4. Now Select Start Transfer

Force Full Transfer option in Lutron Designer

Important: Make sure to use File > Export to File to save the Project file after you transfer. When you are next able to connect to the internet, make sure to use the Browse Local button in Places to open the file, then select File > Save to upload a copy of the project to the Cloud. If this is not done, and the project file is lost on the computer, there is currently no way to extract a project file from the processor.

Note: This workflow gives local control to keypads, dimmers, switches, and other installed devices. To gain full wireless control and system capabilities, later connect your processor to a network. Additionally, we recommend ensuring the Processor is set to DHCP to avoid issues with adding a network in the future