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Troubleshooting Obstructions on Serena and Triathlon Wood Blinds

This article will cover troubleshooting obstructions on Lutron Serena and Triathlon wood blinds.


This article is expected to take 5 minutes to complete.

Knowledge Article Contents:

Before You Begin

1: Factory Default the Shade to Clear the Blink Code

2: Obstruction Blink Code Occurs Only After Opening Shade

3: Inspect Tilt Ladder in Headrail

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Before You Begin

The obstruction blink code occurs when the shade senses issues with the movement of the wood slats. This can be caused by the following:

  • Manual operation of the shade.
  • Limits being set too tight.
  • Interference of the slats by a nearby object.

Inspect your wood blind for obstructions to the wood slats' bottom bar. If the shade is rubbing or catching on anything, adjust the shade to prevent it from striking the object. 


The sections below cover how to troubleshoot obstructions on wood blinds.

Section 1: Factory Default the Shade to Clear the Obstruction Blink Code

If your shade strikes another object or is manually manipulated, it must be returned to factory default to clear the error code.

Watch the video, or follow the step-by-step instructions, below to factory default your shade:


To factory default your shade, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the shade’s Indicator Light (IL) button.
  2. Tap the shade button quickly 3 times and hold the button after the third tap until the IL blinks green rapidly.
  3. Immediately release and tap the shade button quickly 3 more times. Do not hold. The shade button will blink green rapidly then blink red/green 3 times and turn off. This indicates a successful factory default.


Important: Factory defaulting will remove the shade from any previously paired remotes or systems. The shade must be added back to the prior system or paired with the previous remote. Factory defaulting does not affect the shade’s upper and lower limit settings.

Section 2: Obstruction Blink Code Occurs Only After Opening Shade


When the Obstruction Blink Code occurs after opening the shade, the Open Limit is set too high. Click here for instructions on How to Reset Limits on Lutron Serena and Triathlon Wood Blinds.

Reset the Open Shade Limit at least ¼” (.25 inches) / 0.6cm lower than the point where the button blinks.

Click here to learn How to Reset Shade Limits.

Section 3: Inspect the Tilt Ladder in the Headrail

If your shade is Outside Mounted the tilt ladders are accessible at the top of the headrail. If the shade is Inside Mounted, the shade must be removed from the brackets to access the tilt ladders at the top of the headrail.

Click here to review the Serena and Triathlon Wood Blinds Installation Manual for instructions on how to operate brackets.


The Tilt Ladder is the harness (string) around the tilt spool and the slats that hold and tilt them. The Tilt Spool rotates inside the headrail to perform the tilt function.

Please confirm the tilt ladders are fully seated in the tilt spools, and not interfering with the clear spool cover. 

Lutron Serena/Triathlon Wood Blind with Exposed Tilt Ladder in Headrail  


If the tilt ladder is not fully seated in the tilt spool the shade may detect an obstruction. Identify the clear cover over the pully and remove it. The clear cover is firmly attached and requires force to be removed.

If the strings are still tangled or if the cord becomes disengaged from the spool during this process, please contact Lutron Technical Support for assistance.


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