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RadioRA 3 System Design & Setup Sunnata RF Keypad Personalization (Engraving)...

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Sunnata RF Keypad Personalization (Engraving) Process

In this article we will cover:
  • How to start a personalization order in Lutron Designer
  • How to order personalization for Sunnata RF keypads in RadioRA 3
  • How to order personalization for Sunnata RF keypads in RadioRA 3.
  • How personalization credits work in HomeWorks.
  • How personalization works with no yellow engraving certificates.

Step 1:  Open the Lutron Designer Software, select REPORTS, then ENGRAVING

Step 2:  Before selecting GET STARTED, be sure to follow the steps on the screen.  Select GET STARTED and review engraved devices on the project. 

NOTE:  To redeem a personalized button kit, ensure the keypad has been activated to the system.

Step 3:  Select ORDER ENGRAVING in the top right corner of the screen.  Enter your information and then select NEXT.


Step 4:  Review your order.  Then select SUBMIT to place your order electronically to Lutron

How do I order personalization for Sunnata RF keypads in RadioRA 3?
Personalization in RadioRA 3 for Sunnata RF keypads is done through the Lutron Designer software.
How does personalization work with no yellow certificates in RadioRA 3?
In RadioRA 3, the keypad’s unique serial number replaces the yellow certificates previously used on RadioRA 2 projects. Ensure the keypad had been activated to the system prior to submitting your personalization order.
Do I still need yellow certificates for seeTouch keypads in RadioRA 3?
No, in Lutron Designer for RadioRA 3 the unique serial number on Sunnata RF and seeTouch keypads are used to keep track of the one included button kit. In RadioRA 2, the yellow certificates are still required as the unique engraving code since the new personalization tool is not built into the RadioRA 2 software.
How can I redeem a button kit in RadioRA 3?
Each RadioRA 3 keypad comes with 1 redeemable button kit that’s ordered through the Lutron Designer software.
How do personalization credits work for Sunnata keypads in HomeWorks?
  • HomeWorks products are purchased directly from Lutron and utilize personalization credits to keep track of button kits for each unique Lutron Dealer account.
  • A credit is added to your account when purchasing Sunnata RF keypads through myProjects/myOrders – HomeWorks keypads ONLY. (Note: The balance of your HomeWorks engraving credits can be found on myOrders under Accounts and Details)
  • When the engraving order is submitted through Lutron Designer, a credit redemption is automatically included in the order when received. If no credits are available, or if your order includes engraved products not eligible for using a credit, an engraving credit hold is put in place and prompts Customer Service to reach out to you to provide payment.
  • If redeeming a Sunnata button kit through myProjects, you can select the “Use Credits” option instead of purchasing it directly.image.png
  • If ordering HomeWorks Sunnata RF keypads through myProjects, the keypad can be personalized at the time of order for no additional cost.  A personalization credit will also be added to your account for redemption of an additional button-kit at a later time.  Just choose Personalized for the Button Text/Icons. image.png
What font types and options are available for personalization on Sunnata RF keypads?
All Sunnata RF keypad personalization uses Helvetica font. There are 2 font size options available – 11pt or 14pt and different case options, the default is set to 11pt and free-form.image.pngimage.png
What are the color change kit model numbers for the devices that offer them?
There are no standard model numbers for color change kits on Sunnata RF keypads. To swap button kits, this must be configured through myProjects or the Lutron Designer software.
What if the job site doesn’t have internet? Can I still activate and redeem credit?
Yes, the activation information is captured by Lutron Designer regardless of internet being present or not. Internet access is only required to edit the personalization information, and when submitting the personalization order to redeem a Sunnata button kit.  
I’m programming and engraving before installing. How do I order the engravings without activating the keypads and/or before they are installed?
At this time, in RadioRA 3 the keypad must be activated before submitting the personalization order to redeem the button kit included with the Sunnata RF keypad. Activation is required to capture the unique serial number of the keypad prior to submitting the personalization order.
Additional button kits can be purchased at any time through myProjects. If you purchase Lutron products through a distributor, the distributor can place the order for you using myProjects.
Can I use symbols and/or icons on Sunnata RF keypads?
You cannot use both, you can only use text or icons for personalizing Sunnata RF keypads.
If I have a personalization request on Sunnata keypads that is non-standard, who do I contact?
For non-standard personalization requests on Sunnata keypads, reach out to Lutron Customer Service.