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RadioRA 3 System Design & Setup Managing and Sharing Cloud Access

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Managing and Sharing Cloud Access

Managing Cloud Access to a Place

System Handoff and Project File Extraction Instructions

When a client requests your help to support a Lutron RadioRA 3 or HomeWorks QSX that was programmed by someone else, creating a new Lutron Designer project file from scratch is time-consuming and undesirable.  These steps will allow you to extract the project file from the Lutron Connect Cloud and the Place.



Before you begin

You will need some information before you can share or revoke access to a Place:

  • The project will need to have remote services enabled
  • If sharing, you will need the myLutron email address of who you're sharing access to.
  • If revoking, you will need to have access to the Place and know the full name of whom you're removing access from
  • You may need the following information:
    • Be in contact with the original installer
    • Be in contact with the homeowner who has the app set up
    • Have a copy of the project file that has not had a homeowner set up the app yet
    • Be on-site with access to the network the processor is on and have access to the button on the processor.
    • A clear photograph of the processor showing the MAC address


  • Pro Installer - This is typically the Lutron residential dealer who programmed the system
    • Pro Installer Mode - In the Lutron App this is used by Pro Installers to manage systems
  • Homeowner - The person who uses the Lutron Mobile App to control lights in their house
  • Places - The menu to view all the systems you have access
    • Place - Where the project files are stored on the Lutron Connect Cloud.

How to get to the Share Access Menu

There are 4 main methods to get to the Share Access Menu.


Method 1: Using Lutron Designer
  1. Open Lutron Designer. Your Places you have access to will be displayed.

Select the three dots next to the Open button and select Share

Lutron Designer Places Menu

  1. Now you can access the Share Access Menu


    Method 2: Using the Connect Portal

    You can reach the Connect Portal by going to This will allow you to view your Places via a web browser without the need of Lutron Designer.

    1. Sign into your Connect Portal
    2. Select the Box with the Arrow in the Actions column.

    Connect Portal's Share button

    1. Now you can access the Share Access Menu


    Method 3: Using the Homeowner's Lutron App

    The Homeowner can also share access to the Place via their app. This is useful in the event the original installer cannot be located/reached.

    1. Have the Homeowner open their Lutron App
    2. Go to the Settings gear at the top left, then go to Help
    3. At the bottom of the Installer Information, select Remote Assistance from Installer

    Remote Assistance from Installer button in the Lutron app

    1. Now you can access the Share Access Menu

    Note: Did a Remote Access Code appear instead of the Share Menu? 

    • This means the Place does not have Cloud Services enabled. This means there will not be a Cloud Backup of the project file. If this is the case, you need to locate the original file or remake a new project file, which will require you to factory default the processor.


    Method 4: Using Pro Installer Mode

    You can also get to the Share Access menu from within the Pro Installer Mode of the Lutron app.

    1. Open the Pro Installer Mode of the Lutron app, and select the system
    2. Once you have loaded into the system, select the gear at the top left
    3. Select the Share button

    Settings Menu in Pro Installer mode showing the Share Button

    1. Now you can access the Share Access Menu


    Note: Did none of these methods work or apply to your scenario? Click here

    The Share Access Menu

    The Share Access Menu is a unified menu across all our systems. This is where you can share or revoke access to systems, as well as see who currently has access. This menu can be accessed by both Homeowners and Installers alike.

    Within the Share Access menu there are three main options; 

    1. Share Access
    2. Share Link
    3. Manage Access.

    The Share Access Menu within Lutron Designer 

    Note: The screenshot provided is from within Lutron Designer. Depending on which method you are accessing it from, the format may look slightly different, but the options will be the same.


    1. Share Access

    In this section you can type in the email address of a myLutron Account to share the Place to another installer. You can control how long they have access via the Access Duration dropdown.

    This would be ideal if you need to share it to individuals, or if the system is already claimed by a Homeowner.


    2. Share Link

    Scenarios will come up where you will need to share the project to multiple people. In these scenarios, this will be the best option as long as the system has not been claimed by a Homeowner.

    • Select Generate New Link.
    • Select the Copy Link button. This will create a link you can share to multiple people; all they need to do is click it and sign in with their myLutron account to add access.
    • Only one link can be active at a time. If you generate a new link, the previous link will be disabled.
      • Note: This option will no longer work when the system is claimed by a Homeowner.

    3. Manage Access

    This option will show you everyone who has access currently, how long the duration is, and allow you to revoke access from users.

    Note: If you are the only person with access to a Place that does not have an activated processor, do not revoke access to yourself if you want to use the Place. Doing so will remove the Place and will make the project unrecoverable.

    The Manage Access screen as seen from the Designer Software.  

    Alternative Options to Gain Access

    There may be scenarios where you need access to a system and don't have contact with someone who has access and there are no homeowners on the site. As long as the site has Remote Services enabled, you may be able to get access through the following methods:

    Option 1:

    • If you have the Project File, you can use the Browse Local button in Lutron Designer's Places menu. 
      • As long as there is no Homeowner associated, this will grant you Access to the Place

    Option 2:

    • If the system has an activated processor but is not paired to a Homeowner account, you can take over the system temporarily as the Homeowner.
      • To do so, you will need to exit Pro Installer Mode and sign in as a Homeowner. Follow the on-screen instructions to press the button on the processor to claim the system.
      • You may now use Method 3 to grant yourself access to the system.
      • Once this is done, make sure you go to Settings >Edit Home/Area > Remove Home from Account. This will allow the Homeowner to take over the system when they need to.

    Note: If the system does not have Remote Services enabled, you will need to locate the original project file or remake a new project file, which will require you to factory-default the processor.


    How do I know if the system has Remote Services enabled?

    Have the MAC Address of the processor noted down and contact Lutron Technical Support over the phone or via our email at They can verify if the processor's Place has Remote Services enabled.


    I tried the 2nd Alternative option, but it states the system already has a Homeowner?

    This means there is a Homeowner account already linked to the Processor. Reach out to the homeowner to request remote access via the Help menu within the Lutron App. If this is not an option, please ensure you have all the required information, such as a photo of the processor MAC address and send it to to request additional support. We will respond within 24 hours with next steps. 


    I've gotten the project file, but it does not have Remote Services enabled. How do I enable it?

    To enable Remote Services of a project, you will need to complete the following steps:
    1. Go to ToolsProject Settings

    1. Scroll down to the very bottom and select Yes
      • Note: The option will grey out upon selecting Yes

    1. Select Done, then Transfer to the system.

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