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Why are my Lights turning On & Off unexpectedly? How to check Automations in the Alexa App that may be causing unwanted behavior of lights within the Lutron System


Section (1): Alexa's "Hunches" feature.
Section (2):  Alexa's "Guard" feature.

Section (3):  Alexa's "Routine" feature


SECTION (1):  Alexa's "Hunches" feature.

Step 1

Alexa has features which could automatically turn on/off your lights. Hunches is a feature that will turn on or off Lutron devices if it has a hunch that the end user would like those devices either on or off. To check these settings in the Alexa app navigate to ->More->Settings->Hunches. Tap on the "Settings" icon (gear icon) in top right corner of the screen.

Alexa Hunches 1.png

Step 2
Under "Automatic Actions", does it list Lights or Switches? If it does, tap on the Light and then disable the automatic action.

Alexa Hunches 2.png

Step 3

Disable the "Automatic Actions".

Alexa Hunches 3.png

SECTION (2):  Alexa's "Guard" feature.

Step 1
Guard is more of a security feature which can turn lights on and off to make it seem as if the house is occupied. To check the settings for this feature, Go to the Alexa app->More->Settings->Guard.

Alexa Guard 1.png

Step 2
If Guard is enabled, and is set to "Away" mode you will not be able to disable it in Settings until you tap on "Away" and change to "Home".

Alexa Guard 3.png

Step 3
Once the mode is changed to "Home", then tap on "Settings" (gear icon in the top right of screen).

Alexa Guard 4.png

Step 4
Then select "Away Lighting".

Alexa Guard 5.png

Step 5
If "Away Lighting" is enabled, then disable it.

Alexa Guard 6.png

SECTION (3):  Alexa's "Routine" feature.

Step 1
Routines: Routines is a scheduling feature in the Alexa app which allows users to program lights to turn on/off at a certain time. To check if this is enabled open the Alexa app and navigate to More > Routines.

Alexa Routines 2.png

Step 2
Check if the routine turns off/on the Lutron devices (lights) in the house. Then disable. If multiple users in the household have access to the Alexa app, you will need to check these settings on their phone as well.

Alexa Routines 1.png