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RA3 Creating a new system without Internet / Router

In this article, we will cover how to set up a RA3 System without a network. With these steps, you’ll be able to use Lutron Designer software to program, activate, and transfer a functional project to your processor without a modem/router. You will want to later connect your processor to a router for all available features, wireless App control, and remote cloud services. 


Step 1: Create your project OR open an existing project 

  1. Create a new file or open an existing project.  If creating a new project, select view in the Lutron Connect Window, then select "switch to file-based view" then Select RadioRA 3 and create a new project.

Step 2: Design & Program 

  1. Create the layout via the Design tab: Add your rooms, controls, device name, dimming settings, and related options.  

  1. Program the system via the Program tab: Program communicating devices, scenes, schedules, and HVAC settings here. 

Step 3: Activate your processor  

  1. In this step, hardwire your processor to your PC via Ethernet.  

  1. NOTE: Ensure you are using a compatible PoE-enabled source / Lutron PoE Injector.  

  1. In the Activate < Processors tab, search for your processor, then select “Identify” on the bottom left of the tab. You may apply a Static IP to the processor or leave on DHCP Enabled. 

  1. Click “Activate” on the right-hand side of the Activation tab.  

Step 4: Activate controls 

  1. Under Activate tab, select from these options to activate the correct controls. 

  1. “Devices” ( Clear Connect Type A: Maestro / RA2 hardware ) 

Follow applicable activation instructions in app/software. 

  1. “Clear Connect Type X Devices” (RA3 Sunnata hardware) 

Under the correct activation tab, select:  


  1. Select one of two methods to remotely activate without a network: 


  1. After this is completed, sync activation data from the phone to the software. 

Step 5: Transfer to save your changes 

  1. After these steps, it is recommended to FULL transfer the project via Designer software. FULL transfer may be found under “advanced options” in the transfer tab dropdown. 


NOTE: This workflow gives local control to keypads, dimmers, switches, and other installed devices. To gain full wireless control and system capabilities, later connect your processor to a network. Additionally, processors should almost always be used with DHCP, network administrators can assign IP addresses based on MAC address if a specific address is desired.