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RadioRA 3 Networking Ensuring reliable Communication for RA3...

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Ensuring reliable Communication for RA3 Software, Processors, and Networks

Ensuring reliable communication for RA3 Software, Processors, and Networks

Attached is the complete networking guide for Designer software / RA3 network communication:

Lutron Designer 16.0+ Networking Guide

Common Communication Symptoms:


  • Inability to upgrade firmware, activate devices, or transfer the database/project. 

  • The software does not discover the processor in the activation/transfer tab. 

Causes and Actions:  

  • Managed networking switches preventing reliable communication. Contact the network administrator to allow communication; bypass managed switch and connect directly to the primary network or unmanaged switch

  • Firewalls or other data relegating/blocking software. On the PC, disable any related forms of firewalls, antivirus, and malware protection

  • RA3 processor and PC are on different networks. Check to see what IP address the processor is on via LAN or a network scan. Then check the PC network properties to see what IP address it is on. Ensure the first 3 numbers (ex 192.168.0.xx) are matching. 

  • Static IP is set incorrectly under standard and advanced settings. Verify set IP credentials or revert to DHCP in the activation tab. 


  • The processor and software are on different Firmware versions.  

Causes and Actions:  

  • An update was performed to only one of two required items. Download the latest software from your MyLutron page, and upgrade the Processor from inside Designer by going to Tools > Upgrade Processors

  • This can cause Transfers to fail at the ''Applying Database" step. 


  • Lutron app does not show access to the project file/project name does not appear under the PRO installer mode. 

Cause and Actions:  

  • The MyLutron account in use does not currently have Cloud Access to the file. Have the original installer share access (This can be done via Designer or the Pro Installer mode in the App), or have the homeowner go into their Lutron App > Settings > Help > Get remote assistance from installer > have them enter your MyLutron Email to share access. Once given access, refresh the app and software to update accessed projects. The Designer Software's Places menu will always show projects you have Cloud Access to and have a copy of the Project available on the Cloud.

  • The app in use is the Incorrect App. Ensure the app in use is the “Lutron App”. 

  • If the Project still does not appear in Places, make sure the project was Cloud Enabled and a transfer was done while connected to the Internet


  • Software shows processor is “already activated in another project”. 

Cause and Actions: 

  • The project file in use is not the project the processor is currently running.  If the processor is Cloud Enabled, use the Places menu to open the project file. 

  • If the Processor was used in a Test Project but was not deactivated before installed on-site, factory default the processor to clear the activation data.


  • Transfer completes with device failures or warnings

Cause and Action: 

  • RF Range issues. Ensure all devices are within the Range Specifications of the device type. For Range Specifications in detail, see the RadioRA 3 Wireless Setup Guide App Note Page 2 and 3.

  • The device is not defaulted or has been paired to another device/system at some point.  Factory Default the device. 

  • The model number in the software does not match the physical device. Ensure device model numbers are accurate in Design Tab. 

  • Activation was not completed, the device was improperly programmed, or the transfer was not completed correctly. Factory Default related device/s, Delete from Design Tab, Force Full Transfer over the project (under advanced settings in transfer tab), Add device back into the project, re-activate the device, force full transfer to reapply device database. 


  • Linking the processor to a Lutron App account yields “cannot find processor”. 

Cause and Action: 

  • The Lutron App's device is on a separate Wi-Fi network from the processor. Check the IP address the device is on in comparison to the IP address the processor is on. The first 3 IP address numbers (ex 192.168.0.xx) must be identical. To view the Processor's IP address from inside Designer, you can go to Tools > Terminal. Select the drop down menu from the top to see all Processor's IP Address on the system.