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Upgrading Your Shades from QED to QS Motor Systems

This article will cover the following topics: 

  • Things to consider when upgrading QED to QS  

  • Upgrade process steps 

  • Rewiring options  


Things to consider: 

  1. When evaluating the shades, you plan to convert to Sivoia QS, consider the condition of the shade. It may be practical to replace the entire shade to take advantage of upgrading the fabric or upgrading to newer shading products that were not available at the time of initial installation.  

  1. Consider expanding the shading system to cover additional windows in the project.  

  1. Replace all shade keypads with compatible models based on the desired functionality of the keypads and the type of system you are upgrading to.  


Upgrade Process: 

  1. Determine what drive unit is installed in your shading product and select the appropriate replacement drive for the size of your shade. The model number of the drive is on the label attached to the drive's wiring harness.  

  1. Determine the current power supply installed and select the appropriate replacement power supply. The model number is on the unit label.  

  1. Remove the drive and replace it with a new drive. Replacing a drive that is enclosed in a tube (Roller Shades, etc.) requires sliding the old drive out of the tube and inserting the new one in its place. This may require the removal of 3 screws that hold the drive-in place and removing a bracket from the old drive and re-attaching it to the new drive. Drives attached to a drapery track require the removal of one screw and a quarter turn of the drive unit to remove.  

  1. Reconfigure the existing wiring. Refer to the Wiring section and select the appropriate rewiring conversion application. 


*Note: If you have difficulty identifying your drive model number, power supply model number, replacing the drive unit or replacing shade keypads with compatible models, contact Lutron Technical Support at 1(888) 588-7661.  


Shown below are three rewiring options, choose the option(s) that apply to your conversion application: 

Important Note: NEVER use a QED power supply to power a QS Drive or Keypad 

  1. Replacing a QED Drive and QED Power Supply with a QS Drive and QS Power Supply:  


  1. Replacing a QED Keypad and a QED Power Supply with a QS Wired Keypad and a QS Power Supply:  


  1. Replacing a QED Drive and a QED Power Supply with a QS Wireless Drive and a QS Power Supply: