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How to Change the Batteries in your Triathlon Configured Roman Shade Kit

This article details how to change batteries on Lutron Triathlon Configured Roman Shade Kits.  


This article is expected to take 5 minutes to complete.

Knowledge Article Contents:

Before You Begin

1: Open the Battery Housing Cover

2: Install New Batteries

3: Close the Battery Housing Cover

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Before You Begin

Lutron recommends using Duracell Alkaline batteries in Lutron battery-operated shade products that require D-cell batteries. We recommend Energizer Lithium-Ion batteries for shade products configured to work with AA-cell batteries.

The sections below will cover how to change the batteries on Triathlon Configuration Roman Shade Kits:


Section 1: Open the Battery Housing Cover


Press in on the latch side and move it away from the housing. 




Section 2: Install New Batteries


With the battery housing open, insert new 1.5 V D-cell alkaline batteries (quantity and orientation are listed on the battery holder). Do not mix brands or types. Lutron recommends Duracell.

Shades with the Battery Boost option contain (2) battery holders. To achieve extended battery life, install new batteries in both battery holders. 




Section 3: Close the Battery Housing 


Swing the latch side toward the housing and gently press it inside the edge of the housing to engage the latch. 



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