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Shades Installation Wiring a Sivoia QS or...

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Wiring a Sivoia QS or Palladiom Shade for Power and Communication

Step 1: Confirm that you have a Lutron Sivoia QS or Palladiom shade by identifying the button style. 

The Sivoia QS and Palladiom drives have 4 buttons separated in the middle by an LED Indicator Light. There is a black rectangular button and a white rectangular button on one side of the Indicator Light. On the other side of the indicator light is a counterclockwise arrow button and clockwise arrow button. 

QS Drive End:


Palladiom Drive End:


Step 2: Cabling - Determine which gauge wire is required depending on the distance of the run from shade to panel. 


Step 3: Wire the Power Supply 

10-Output Panels:  

  1. Run choice of 4-conductor wire to Pin 1 (COM), Pin 2 (V+), Pin 3 (MUX), and Pin 4 (MUX BAR).  




Individual Plug-In and J-Box Power Supply:  


  1. Connect the power wire (RED) to the 35 V terminal and the common wire (BLACK) to the COM terminal. Then, connect MUX (GREY) and MUX Bar (PURPLE). 




Step 3: Wire the Shade 

  1. Wire the 4-pin terminal block (provided) to the cable using the included screwdriver. Tighten screws securely on the exposed wire. Leave 1/16 in (2 mm) of exposed copper to ensure insulation is not pinched. 


  1. Plug the 4-pin terminal block on the cable to the shade or drape drive terminal block.