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Using the System Lock on Triathlon Roman Fabrication Kits

This article details the System Lock on Lutron Triathlon Roman fabrication kits.  


This article is expected to take 5 minutes to complete.

Knowledge Article Contents:

1: What does the System Lock do?

2: When do I Remove the System Lock?

3: When do I Install the System Lock

4: Can I order the System Lock separately?


The sections below will cover how and when to use the System Lock on Triathlon Roman fabrication kit.

Section 1: What does the System Lock do?


The System Lock on a Triathlon Roman fabrication kit acts as the "parking brake" of the system. It is located at the end of the kit and shipped installed on the kit. The System Lock locks the gear that connects the shade tube to the Spring Modules to prevent accidental movement during fabrication, transportation and installation. 

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Section 2: When do I remove the System Lock?


During Fabrication/Motorization: The System Lock needs to be removed prior to setting limits and running spring validation test. 

After Installation: Once the shade has been installed and is ready to be controlled, remove the System Lock. Lutron suggests storing system locks from previous shade installations in a noted location. The system lock can be taped to the bottom interior of the battery cover, as shown below for future access.  


Lutron Triathlon Fabrication Kit System Lock Removal   Triathlon Roman Fabrication Kit with System Lock stored in battery housing cover  

Section 3: When do I install the System Lock?


After Fabrication/Motorization: Insert the System Lock after the motorization is completed and before transportation. The System Lock prevents accidental movement during transportation and installation.  

Shade Maintenance: In situations where the Roman shade is removed from the wall (ex. shade is temporarily removed for remodeling; homeowners move to new home), insert the System Lock before uninstalling the shade to prevent accidental movement. 



System Lock Insertion.gif


Section 4: Can I Order the System Lock Separately?


Yes. A System Lock can be ordered under WIN-BRM-LOCK. It is recommended to have a spare on hand. 


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