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Shades Installation Drive/Roller Replacement for Sivoia QS Shades

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Drive/Roller Replacement for Sivoia QS Shades

Please note: The replacement process varies from Roller 20/64 to Roller 100/150/300 

Roller 20/64 - 

1. Remove the Existing Drive Unit (EDU) from the tube.  

Roller 20 and Roller 64 drives are pressure fit into the tube and do not utilize screws to secure the drive in the tube.

a. Using a flat head screwdriver, gently start to pry the drive out. 


b. Once the drive is pried out of the tube, grab it by hand and remove it from the tube.  


2. Insert the new/existing EDU into the new/existing tube making sure it is fully seated. 
3. Reset Upper and Lower Limits


R100/150/300 -  

1. Remove the existing EDU (Electronic Drive Unit) from the tube 

a. Remove the 2 screws securing the shade bracket to the drive. 


b. Remove the 3 screws that secure the drive in the tube. The drive will need to be energized and rotated so each screw is accessible. 


NOTE: If the drive will not power up, the drive end will need to be cut or broken off to gain access to the 3 screws. This will damage the drive but is an acceptable practice in this situation. Please keep and send all parts in case an RMA is issued.  

2. Install the EDU into the tube 

a. Once the new drive is inserted, secure it with 3 screws that were removed in the previous steps. Then, attach the shade bracket in the correct orientation.  

Please note: The security screw head and drive buttons should face in the same direction: 

3. Reset Upper and Lower Limits