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RadioRA 3 Programming Integrating RING Devices to the...

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Integrating RING Devices to the Lutron App

Feature Overview

  1. ​You can configure your Ring devices to turn on selected Lutron lighting zones when the Ring device detects motion, or the doorbell is pressed.
    1. Motion events and doorbell presses can control separate lighting zones (ex. Motion events turn on external lights, doorbell press turns on foyer light)
    2. You can specify that Ring events will only turn lights on "at night" (after sunset, but before sunrise)
    3. You can also manually disable and re-enable a previous programmed Ring event.
  2. ​Ring events will always send Lutron lighting zones to 100% brightness when triggered (on level is not configurable)
  3. Lighting zones which have been turned on due to a Ring event will always return to their previous level after 15 minutes (return level and 15 min timeout are not configurable)
    1. If the zone level changes within that 15 minute window (timeclock, button press, any other user action), then the timeout is canceled.​

Knowledge Article Contents

Section (1): System Requirements
Section (2):  How to Link Ring to the Lutron App

Section (3):  How to Program Ring Cameras to activate lights in the Lutron App

Section (1):  System Requirements

Lutron Lighting Systems

RadioRA 3 System

Caseta with Bridge L-BDG2-Wh or Pro L-BDGPRO2-WH

  • Lutron Bridge firmware version must be at least 08.03.xx for the feature to work
  • Lutron App version must be at least 7.3.x for the feature to work. 

Supported Ring Devices

Video Doorbells  

Security Cameras

Note: For floodlight cameras, Lutron cannot control built-in floodlights. But we can use the camera to turn on Lutron controlled lights when it detects motion.

Ring security device are NOT SUPPORTED

Network Requirements:

  1. At configuration time (initial linking of Lutron and Ring accounts & programming which Ring devices control which lighting zones), the mobile app MUST have an internet connection and the bridge MUST have an internet connection.
  2. At runtime (doorbell rings or motion events actually turning on lights), the bridge and Ring device MUST have an internet connection.


Section (2):  How to link RING to the Lutron App

Linking your RING device to your Lutron Lighting Control system via the Lutron App can be completed in 4 easy steps:


  1. In Lutron App go to Settings > Add Device > and choose "Works with Ring"


  1. You will see an onboarding screen. Select  "Link Ring Account"



  1. Authorize -> Enter Ring credentials ->Re-enter with two factor authentication image.png
  2. Authorize -> Ring Device



CONGRATULATIONS!  Linking should now be complete. Verify Ring Integration by checking the "Settings" screen for any ​phone using the linked Lutron account.   



Section (3) Programming the Ring Cameras to the Caseta Lights with the Lutron App



  1. After linking the accounts you should see a screen similar to the one below


  1. When you click on any of the above options, you will be able to set up Lutron programming for your Ring devices. In these screens, you can choose which lights to turn on for the associated Ring device and whether this programming should happen all the time or whether it should only be effective at night.

    NOTE: To save changes, you will want to tap on Save in the top right corner.


    3. Once you have set up the programming, the "Works with Ring" screen will show icons like seen below.

    Congratulations! You have now linked Ring and programmed it to your Caseta System.