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Maestro Troubleshooting MACL-153M FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide

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MACL-153M FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting the MACL-153M Dimmer


My Maestro MACL-153M dimmer is not working in a 3 way application with a mechanical On/Off switch. What could be causing this?

The MACL-153M will wire to one mechanical switch in a three way application. This requires a wiring adjustment at the three way switch where in you will be just using two connection points on the mechanical switch instead of the standard three. Please see the Wiring for the 3-Way with mechanical switch below.


If you have a 4-Way application with three or more switch locations for the same lights, the MACL-153M will not work with two or more mechanical switches in a 4-way application. You would then use the Maestro companion dimmers (model MA-R) for every additional switch location in the 4-way circuit. There are no green indicator lights on the Companion MA-R units.

When I turn the light off at the companion dimmer, I press the button, the lights turn off, when I let go, the lights pop back on. Why is this happening?

This means the MACL-153M is not currently programmed to work with the MA-R Companion dimmer. To program your MACL-153M with your control powered on you want to complete the following steps:

Can I use two MACL-153M dimmers in a 3-way application?

No, If you wish to dim from multiple locations, you'll need one MACL-153M and one Maestro companion dimmer (model MA-R).

How does a Maestro MACL-153M or Companion dimmer MA-R wire in a 4-way location if there are only 3 screw terminals?

In a 4-way location, two wires will be connected to the blue screw terminal. These will be the wires that are tied to the blue screws on the other two dimmers. See wiring diagrams below. Maestro Companion dimmers must be used in a 4-way application.


Below is an additional look at the wiring on the Blue Screw at the 4-way location.


Why is my MACL-153M not turning off completely with my LED lights?

When the lights are turned off, a small amount of electricity may still flow through the dimmer and the LED lights.  In rare cases, particularly with older LED lighting technology, this may cause the lights to glow or flicker even though they were turned “off.” With all the manufactures that produce LEDs there are many different electrical components within them, which means they differ from bulb to bulb. Some LEDs will dim down further and smoother than others.  Some bulbs perform best only when working with a specific type of dimmer.  It is best practice to use an LED from an Industry leading Manufacturer. Most of the LEDs currently sold in stores today are able to able handle this without issue. Lutron is one manufacturer that tests the latest LED bulbs and posts the ones that we have found to work best.  To view Lutron's list of compatible dimmers and tested bulbs, visit  the Lutron LED Compatibility Tool

My LED's are flickering/flashing.

If this is a three way application with a Maestro dimmer at each location, make sure one unit is the MACL-153M and the other is the Maestro Companion MA-R. If two MACL-153M dimmers are installed in the same 3-way circuit the will fight for control of the lighting load resulting in flickering and flashing.

If you have a single pole application or you are using the companion dimmer with the MACL-153M in a 3-way and are observing a flicker or flash at the lower dimming level. Try adjusting the Low End Trim on the dimmer by following the steps below.
My lights are not turning on at all.

Check lights to make sure they have not failed. For example if only one light is wired to the dimmer and it fails, all indicator lights on the dimmer will not illuminate and the dimmer will not function until the light is replaced. If multiple lights are being controlled from the dimmer the dimmer will still operate if one of the lights fails.

My lights are stuck on with no control.

Make sure the MACL-153M is being used which has the 7 green indicator lights on the left of the unit. If the MA-R companion dimmer is being used as the dimmer in a single pole you will not be able to control the light as this unit is to only be used in 3-way and 4-way applications. If you are using the MACL-153M, make sure the lights you are using are rated as "dimmable".