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Maestro Timer Switch MA-T51MN- Setting a Locked Preset

Maestro Timer Switch – Setting a Locked Preset
Model: MA-T51MN
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Section (1):  What is it?
When programmed for a locked preset, the timer will always return to the predetermined “locked” setting anytime it turns off with either a single tap of the tap button or the expiration of the countdown elapses. You can always use the raise and lower buttons to change the desired countdown as well.

Section (2):  Programming Steps
  1. PULL the Front Accessible Service Switch (FASS) into the “Off” position.
  2. Press and hold the tap button on the timer
  3. Push the FASS to the “On” position while continuing to hold the tap button for approximately 5 seconds.

    The bottom LED will begin to blink to indicate that you have entered into advanced programming mode. Additionally, the load will be on while in advanced programming mode. NOTE: If there is no activity for 1 minute, the timer will automatically exit advanced programming mode.
  4. Ensure the Bottom Indicator Light is blinking, use the raise/lower rocker to move the Indicator Light.
  5. Press the tap button one time.
  6. Press the raise/lower rocker to adjust the time level to the desired locked preset. The quickly flashing LED will move up and down as the preset is changed.
  7. Press the tap button one time to save and return to the main menu.
  8. Press and hold the tap button for 4 seconds to exit the main menu. Alternatively, wait 1 minute or pull the FASS and the timer will automatically exit from advanced programming mode.