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Maestro Sensors Programming and Advanced Features Explained

Maestro Sensors Advanced Programming Features Explained


Model Numbers:


List of Programmable Features
  1. Timeout
  2. Sensor Mode
  3. Motion Sensitivity
  4. Restoring Default Settings
Maestro Sensor Default Settings

Timeout Level ....................5 Minutes (15 minutes for MS-OPS6M2-DV & MS-VPS6M2-DV models)
Sensor Mode .....................Auto-On and Auto-Off (Occupancy mode); Off-while-occupied DISABLED. 
Motion Sensitivity ..............Motion sensitivity high

The Maestro Sensor has many programming options. Below is a brief description of each programming option.


The Timeout feature for the Maestro Sensors is a programmable setting that determines how long the lights will remain on after the room has been vacated, and motion has not been detected. The options for these timeout selections are 1,5,15 and 30 minutes.  The lower timeout options are great for rooms and spaces where a light is needed for a quick task and then is no longer needed after words. The longer options allow you to have the lights on as you know you will be re-entering the room shortly upon leaving. Programming is made simple by just press and holding the tap button and counting the number of flashes. 
Sensor Mode

*The following Sensor Mode features are only available for Occupancy model numbers and NOT on Vacancy models.

Auto-On and Auto-Off (Occupancy mode). This is the default setting. This is the default setting and mode that most sensors are set to. Lights will turn on when room is occupied and turn off after time out setting when vacated. If lights are manually turned off using the main button on switch, they will turn back on within 25 seconds if occupancy is sensed. 

Manual-On and Auto-Off (Vacancy mode) This setting allows the user to disable the Occupancy function and just use the sensor switch for Vacancy which requires you to manually turn the lights on and the switch will then turn them off after the selected timeout with vacancy.

Auto-On daylight sensing and Auto-Off; Off-while-occupied ENABLED. This Mode will train the lights to turn on only if natural light in the room is low. If the switch turns on when there is enough natural light, or if the switch does not turn on when there is not enough natural light, press the On/Off button within 5 seconds of entering the room. The sensor will learn your preferred light level over time. This usually takes a few weeks with several button pushes within the 5 second range to learn. If button pressed to turn off lights manually in this mode, the lights will continue to stay off until vacancy is sensed and will turn on the next time occupancy was seen.

Auto-On and Auto-Off (Occupancy mode) Off-while-occupied ENABLED. This setting turns the lights on with occupancy and off with vacancy according to the timeout selected. However, with a manually press of the switch button to turn lights off, the switch would stay off as long as occupancy was sensed. Then would only turn back on after vacancy was achieved after the timeout period selected.
Motion Sensitivity

This feature is used to adjust the level of sensitivity your sensor will have to detect motion. The default setting on the sensor switch is High Sensitivity. There are only two settings with Low Sensitivity being the other level. High sensitivity is typically used to ensure that the lights turn on with all motion sensed  and is typically used in dark rooms and in rooms where the switch may not be readily accessible. Low sensitivity can be used in rooms where a hallway is connected and where there may be the chance of an accidental turn on indirectly with a occupant passing by.
Restoring Default Settings

This option generally allows the user a risk-free experience to try multiple setting styles without worry as they could just reset the sensor switch to factory default settings if they do not like all the features at the changed levels or to levels changed in error. Default Settings are listed below. Default Settings
Timeout Level ....................5 Minutes (15 minutes for MS-OPS6M2-DV & MS-VPS6M2-DV models)
Sensor Mode .....................Auto-On and Auto-Off (Occupancy mode); Off-while-occupied DISABLED. 
Motion Sensitivity ..............Motion sensitivity high

Click on the link here to visit the complete Advanced Programming Guide for the Maestro Sensors.